Monday, June 18, 2007

For What It's Worth

Local events that don't seem to have made national news have me taking a trip down memory lane.
"There's somethin' happenin' here
What it is ain't exactly clear"
The lines float up from my memory. Despite hearing them a million plus times on the radio the memory they stir is rooted in hearing them live. Not from the original group but some not terrible tribute group called Buffalo Springfield Revisited. They were the opening act for the Guess Who on the night I did my one and only stint as a bar bouncer.

The police recently found explosives, including nitro, in a home in the Denver metro area. The owner had to be tear gassed out for the search. The police initially interviewed and then released him. Later they arrested him when he tried to re-enter the house.

The search and arrest seem linked to loud explosions heard by this guy's neighbors but some digging this morning pointed to a larger story than some guy cooking up nitro for fun.

Earlier this year someone was laying explosive booby traps in a clinic parking lot in the same area of the metro region.

After the cops started to look into this there were more reported explosions out in the county at large, out where fewer witnesses could spot something. Someone seemed to be testing something.

What is weird is that the cops aren't claiming these incidents to be linked. At least that is the story today. They are claiming he had a stockpile of weapons and ammo, but to the press a stockpile is one .22 rifle and a box of cartridges.

If this guy ISN'T part of the other incident do we have a rash of mad bombers? Did someone hold a bomb maker's convention and not put out enough flyers?

A few casual searches on this guy turned up info that he had a patent or two to his name and had participated the local charity race a couple of times a few years back. So far he seems to be a lone operator.

If I hear more I'll post more.

It's still not exactly clear what is happening here.

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If you happen to find this guy's recipe, let me know !!

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