Monday, January 28, 2008

A Must Read

I seldom do this. I'm posting a recommendation to one and all to go and read another blog.

I feel that the points this blogger brings up present honest truth and honest recommendations for action.

So, without further ado, go and read LawDog.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

And now for something completely different

Women turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah Winfrey for backing Barack Obama

Hey, it's not my headline. It's from the TimesOnline in the UK.

You know you are in trouble when your own media won't tell you the truth about the behind the scenes of the Democrat hack & slash. If the Brits can smell blood in the water it's got to be knee deep at DNC headquarters.

AMERICA’S favourite television presenter is paying a painful price for her intervention in the US presidential campaign last month. Oprah Winfrey has been dubbed a “traitor” by some of her female fans for supporting Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

Winfrey’s website,, has been flooded with a barrage of abuse since the queen of daytime chat shows joined Obama on a tour of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in mid-December.

Her intervention was widely credited with broadening Obama’s national appeal - especially among women - and with helping him to an upset victory over Clinton in the first vote of the election year in Iowa.

So there we have it. Women are turning on their over-paid piper. When she broke ranks to support a pseudo-black man based SOLELY upon the color of his skin over siding with a (biological) woman based SOLELY upon her gender the legions of Hillary's Harridans decided to swarm in defense of their Queen Bee.

They are making the PaulBots look like champions of reasoned discourse.

What's a media mogul to do? Her empire seems ready to desert!

Why, she can duck & cover and wait to emerge in whichever camp manages to float to the top of this toilet bowl.

Yet a backlash by Clinton supporters appears to have prompted a rethink by Winfrey, the African-American media titan who is routinely described as the most influential woman on television.

She did not reappear in the final days before the New Hampshire primary - which Obama lost to Clinton - and has been absent from the most recent campaigning in South Carolina, which votes next weekend.

Obama aides believe that Winfrey will return to the campaign. Her own staff noted last week that in addition to her daily broadcasts on television and satellite radio, she has also been busy negotiating a multi-million-dollar deal with the Discovery cable network to create her own television channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Yet Obama’s rivals suspect that Winfrey has been startled by the virulent reaction to her previous campaign appearance.

It started with a message on her website entitled “Oprah is a traitor” and rapidly expanded to include several discussions that attracted hundreds of comments.

Well, gosh, Oprah, what did you expect?

Did you really think your advertisers were buying access to a BLACK audience? THINK AGAIN, BABY!

They wanted the purses of those white women who felt guilty enough to follow your commands slavishly. And I do mean slavishly.

Then you went and told them that they had to abandon Billy Jeff's wife to follow Dumbobama of the Big Ears and No Plan. Suddenly there's a revolt in the cabins surrounding the big house at the Winfrey plantation.

Your fellow's young. He will still have jug handles big enough to make Tony Blair look cute in 2012 or 2016. 2008 is really the Shrillary Shrew's last hurrah. By 2012 she's going to be less appealing than the Dr. Ruth Blow Up Sex Therapist.

Now it may be unfair of those women. After all, Hillary is biologically a woman and women are the truest majority in our nation. They have both the highest numbers and the highest number of eligible voters. She should be able to walk up and take the office. If only all those women would agree that Hill-D-Beast is actually someone they can trust.

Obama does represent a minority. White guys with black fathers. I don't know why Oprah would be attracted to him. I thought she went in for black guys, but hey, whatever floats her boat. Maybe if Dumbobama doesn't work out she could see what Whoopi saw in Tedd Danson.

Back again? So soon?

One of the luxuries of an infrequent blogger is going weeks without blogging a single word.

It seems, though, that I've picked up one something that might turn into a full-time blogging event.

Where in the World is the BATF?

Yes, here we are for another installment in CZ the Day's look at those boys and girls in jackboots. Or, we WOULD be looking at them, if they were doing something about crime. Instead they are usually found trying to shut down a law-abiding license holder over abbreviating "street" as "st." as 99.99999914% of the nation does, including EVERY government agency.

This time around there's more gangbangers and guns. The irony is that one of those gangbangers was also the founder of ... you are gonna LOVE this!...


As Fits says, you can't make this stuff up! And if you did they networks would never use it as plot lines for TV cop shows. Not because it's unbelievable. They would avoid doing it because it would point out the utter stupidity, hypocrisy and general suck present in ALL the anti-gun movement.

Founder of Anti-Gun Group Pleads No Contest to Weapons Charges

Hector "Big Weasel" Marroquin, 51, and co-defendant Sylvia Arrellano, 25, entered pleas Thursday for three counts of manufacture, distribution and transport for sale of an unlawful assault weapon.

Arrellano also pleaded no contest to machine gun conversion and possessing a silencer and acknowledged that the crime was committed for the benefit of a criminal street gang.

She was given until Tuesday to surrender for sentencing and would likely be sentenced to four years in prison, prosecutors said.

Hold the PHONE, Mabel! 'Likely be sentenced to four years'? For manufacture, DISTRIBUTION and transport of an unlawful assault weapon? Not just owning, mind you. DISTRIBUTION, as in SELLING or PASSING ON TO OTHER GANG MEMBERS.

Y'all recall a guy who the Feds decided to charge for the mere POSSESSION of a fully automatic weapon that he basically built himself? He never passed it to anyone. His sentence was 6 1/2 years. His name is Wayne Fincher.

Now, can anyone tell me why this gangbanger bimbo is getting a lighter sentence? Especially since I'd put ten bucks on her having prior arrests and convictions for felonies?

So, what about her co-defendant. "Big Weasel"?

Marroquin founded No Guns in 1996, ostensibly to reduce gang and gun violence. The group received $1.5 million from the city as a subcontractor on anti-gang efforts but its contract was canceled last year after authorities learned that Marroquin had hired relatives, including his son, Hector "Little Weasel" Marroquin.

The son is an acknowledged 18th Street gang member who pleaded no contest in June 2007 to home-invasion robbery and was sentenced to nine years in state prison.

Yes, you read right, people. California tax payers gave "Big Weasel" 1.5 MILLION to go out and build fully automatic firearms and silencers.

Anyone want to open up a Cafe Pres store with t-shirts saying "My State Government Gave A Gangbanger 1.5 Million Dollars To Build Assault Weapons And All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt!"

But let's not forget, this post ties back to our new blog segment.

Where in the World is the BATF?

While the BATF goes out and gets Wayne Fincher put in prison for 6.5 years why aren't they coming down with both jackboots on Big Weasel, Little Weasel and Sylvia Suxaweasel? Why aren't they getting extensive prison time for these folks for having a silencer without paying the tax? For possessing an unregistered fully automatic weapon AND transferring it without federal approval!

You do that and you'll be looking at 25 to life for "conspiracy". The Weasels are gonna be back to breaking into homes before they need to shave.

Where in the World is the BATF?

Why the unequal enforcement? What happened to "equal protection"? Why are the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the BATFs assaults on liberty aimed at white people? Why is it that as soon as someone's name has a rolling R the BATF evaporates faster than ether on a hot manifold?

It's clearly discrimination. It's clearly racism. It's clearly unconstitutional on 3-7 amendments.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Introducing a new segment

There are criminals using guns. There are guns being used by criminals.

Those weapons are almost never purchased legally. Billy B. Badboy doesn't call up his local gun dealer and order his GangBanger2008 off the shelf.

For one thing criminals don't pay retail or sales tax. Why should they? It's cheaper to buy a gun grabbed by burglars swapped for crack or meth to a dealer.

What's very, very, very curious about this is that when these sorts of transactions occur the myriad of gun laws affecting interstate commerce, weapons transfer, barrel length or stock length is never used. You have to ask why the BATF is spending all of their time trying to bust law-abiding gun dealers making human errors. If they went after real criminals they might actually prevent a real crime or two. Someday.

For that reason I'm introducing a new segment to this blog.

Where in the World is the BATF?

Our inaugural entry comes to us through ABC news.

YouTube Taunt Results in Weapons Arrest

"Alleged Gang Members Arrested After Taunting Cops in Online Video"

Sounds good so far, doesn't it? These gangbangers make a video taunting cops. The BATF sees the video and sweeps in and makes arrests. Right?


"ICE agents made the arrests as part of their involvement in a Miami Dade gang task force. Both men are being held in Miami-Dade County jail."

ICE? ICE? What? None of those heroes who shot at little girls in Waco? None of those heroes who burned little girls to death in Waco from that other lettered agency. The one that lied to Congress. The FBI.

Both of these agencies who were so in love with using violence to keep Randy Weaver's child from living and the Branch Davidians from freedom of religion weren't involved in this case? How strange.

Now, I'll admit, that's not the only strange omission from the news coverage. Such as the reason why ICE was involved at all. Aren't they only involved in control of immigrants, usually those who shouldn't be here in the first place? ABC conveniently dodges any question of the legal status of one Rudy Villanueva or why this multiple time loser felon is still inside U.S. borders.

But more importantly for this new blog segment...

Where in the World is the BATF?

Why didn't those brave jackboots who spend so much of their time trying to shut down law-abiding firearms dealers rush right out to confront these two people who shouldn't have guns?

Why isn't the BATF looking for the intermediaries who supplied these gang bangers with weapons? Why aren't they filing conspiracy charges against THEM as they so often have against legitimate, law-abiding citizens who pay taxes?

Speaking of which why aren't drug dealers ever sentenced to additional time for not paying sales tax to the government? Someone handling several thousand dollars a day in merchandise should be owing their local city, county and state a BUTTLOAD of money every week.

"Hey, you did your ten years for trafficking in crack. Now you are gonna spend fifty years for tax evasion."

THAT would put a real crimp in the drug trade. Then you can get OSHA involved with filing against the holdings of pimps for the working conditions of their employees.

We have an entire panoply of federal agencies which can and do harass the law-abiding. Why is it when it comes to street crime these laws are never enforced? They would substantially add to the time being served among the criminals.

The thing I never want to hear is "There's nothing we can do" when referring to gangs.

Tell the truth. "There's nothing we WANT to do."

That's why the BATF wasn't there with ICE or there before them.

They don't WANT to take down real criminals. They ONLY want to harass the law-abiding. That is their only real reason to exist.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who are you?

The question isn't for my readers. The question is for Obama.

Barak Obama was born to a white woman. He has lived a life of luxury that I will NEVER know. I'm white as his momma and I will NEVER know that level of luxury. I will NEVER know what is it is like to never work.

Barak Obama has known this. It is his REAL LIFE.

He doesn't need to work to live. NOT like you or me. NOT like any black person I have ever known. Native born or immigrant we should all be made to work. He NEVER lived that life.

Oprah is an IDIOT for not recognizing that OBAMA DOESN'T WORK. Not like her. Not like me. Not like anyone real.

Obama doesn't work to live. He lives to spend money he NEVER EARNED.

He's NOT REAL. He's a Trust Fund baby. He will live in comfort forever and ever. His children will live in comfort forever and ever. HE IS NOT REAL.

Admit it. He's not black. He is LESS real than Dan Quayle. There is NOTHING in Barack Obama that will ever make him real. Not in Chicago, not in America. He is WHITER than me. Forever. WHITER than Oprah. Forever. WHITER than Bob Dole. Forever.



To vote for this man of NO PLAN is to vote based SOLELY upon skin color. ADMIT IT!



White guilt for white liberals. I'm immune. I've worked my whole life. No black who worked this hard has to worry about black or white in my field.

Black (successful) guilt. I'm immune. I have worked my whole life. No black who has worked this hard has to worry about black or white in my field.


Get it through your heads, America. Don't be fooled. He's JUST an empy suit with no plans. He's TRASH. He is WHITE TRASH and was never Black. He NEVER faced the struggle to transcend. he was ALWAYS privileged in ways even poor white never were.

Get over what he looks like. He's whiter than me.

He's trash.

Rich White Trash.

Free Wayne Webring

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