Monday, December 17, 2007

What more proof do we need?

There is a war on. It is between good and evil.

I'm not talking of metaphor. I'm talking of reality.

A headline today makes this war as evident as anyone could ask.

Saudi king pardons rape victim

I don't care what church you go to or avoid going to. Even a far left liberal should see the evil inherent in this action. A culture so evil that it requires a royal pardon for the VICTIM of the crime.

How many women have suffered without pardon for being the victims of rape in Islamic nations?

This isn't a matter of "different cultures". This is EVIL in action. There is no moral equivalence here. This is EVIL in action.

There is no way to compromise with this evil. There can only be destruction of that evil or of us who see it as evil.

There is no alternative to that choice.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thanks, Mitt

Thank you, Mitt. You finally showed your true colors. YELLOW is the color I thought you wore and now you prove it.

GOV. ROMNEY: I supported the assault weapon ban...
I would have supported the original assault weapon ban. I signed an assault weapon ban in Massachusetts governor...

And if there is determined to be, from time to time, a weapon of such lethality that it poses a grave risk to our law enforcement personnel, that’s something I would consider signing.

We also should keep weapons of unusual lethality from being on the street.
Thanks for playing, Mitt. I smelled your cowardly stink as soon as I found out you were governor of Massacheusetts. You were NOT conservative and will NEVER be conservative. You are a Republican Lite. You are a RINO. You are NOT my candidate.

It's never been about being Mormon, Mitt. I don't care who you pray to. I care if you are faithful to the Constitution and YOU ARE NOT!

You are outta here!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Bard

William Shakespeare

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your Glock.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

William Shakespeare

The devil can cite Scripture for his Glock.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

William Shakespeare

Uneasy lies the head that wears a Glock.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

William Shakespeare

O! for a Glock of fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention!

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

Hat tip to

A Keyboard and a .45

Monday, November 19, 2007

It begins

The envelope to DPS went into the metered mail bin at the UPS store a little over 45 minutes ago.
Let's see how soon before I can post an update to this thread.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tired, but happy

I took the minimum required courses for a CCW in Colorado, then decided to move to Texas so I never applied for the paperwork.

Texas has much more stringent requirements, including an actual test that questions an applicant's knowledge of the law (after instruction) and shooting proficiency.

Readers of this blog will not be surprised that I aced the shooting portion. It was less demanding than the "qualifier" I shot in the spring. I hadn't fired a shot since the last time I shot IDPA and still managed to score 250 out of 250. I'm not Mr. Accuracy. I'm just Mr. Persistent. As Franklin observed, he believed in luck, but noted that the harder he worked the luckier he became.

Written test I didn't ace. I plead guilty. Yes, I had been awake more then 24 hours, had put in 12+ hours of work and fought to stay awake during the class. I still flubbed two out of fifty questions. I passed. I should have made this one be 100%, too.

It was NOT my instructor's fault. I admit that I didn't know what to expect from my Texas CHL instructor but Larry Arnold was as sincere, as dedicated to train and as effective as if I had sat in a class of 10. Perhaps more since I couldn't hide in back in a class of 1.

Texas is not just interested in making sure a CHL holder doesn't shoot his own foot. In this they surpass the Colorado requirements. They want to make sure you understand the responsibility of packing that gat. Larry Arnold wasn't running a scare show. He was trying his level best to prepare someone for assuming grave responsibility.

I hope to finish up the paper work and submit this week.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Now THIS is one way it should happen

A suspected purse snatcher didn't know what he was in for when he picked a woman in a Home Depot parking lot for a victim. As soon as he grabbed her purse, the woman's husband grabbed a shotgun and opened fire.

It happened at the Home Depot on the Eastex Freeway near Little York. With as much activity during business hours there, you never know who may be waiting in the wings, night or day, ready to strike.

"I was just standing here and the guy just came up and pushed me real hard with a force, like it was a car that hit me. And he was just yanking my purse and my arm got twisted up in my purse and he just was just yanking it," said victim Sandra Hulsey.

Sandra may have looked like an easy target standing there as her husband, Norman, loaded wood into the couple's pickup truck. It turned out the suspect who shoved Sandra and tried to steal her purse didn't know who he was messing with.

"I had a board in my hand right here and I thought he was going to beg for what I thought," said Norman. "He grabbed her and I already had that door open so I just grabbed my shotgun."

He fired a shot.

"The sound of the shotgun and that dude burning off -- it was funny," said eyewitness Freddy Butler.

Butler chased after the accused purse snatcher. who took off running and ended up asking a police officer for help.

"He displays a weapon and it scares the suspect," said a deputy on the scene. "The suspect runs up the police car and saying, 'Let me in. They are shooting at me'."

Police took the suspect into custody.

"The guy just didn't have any business doing what he was doing," said Sandra. "It's shaken me up but I'm OK."

The suspect was not injured. The Houston Police Department turned over the suspect to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Deputies say they patrol this area pretty heavily and despite what happened out there Thursday, they have not had many problems in the area.
Now ain't that cute? The purse snatcher running to the cops for protection.

Now if he would just write out and sign a complete confession, plead guilty to the highest charge and demand to be given the fullest sentence possible all will be well.

If not, well, there are more shotguns.

Friday, November 02, 2007

This better count, dammit

750 rounds of .45 ACP better count for National Ammo Day.

It's maybe enough to get me feeling comfortable with hurling .45 ACP down range for gun games.

Okay, okay. I'll go buy more on Nov. 19th. Maybe not .45 ACP, but I'll buy.

I need more .44 ammo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To The Pundits

This one is pointed at the pundits. You self-anointed phonies.

In the Republican primary race you have one and all rejected Fred Thompson in favor of the jerk you placed your bet on early in the race. Whether that jerk is McCain, Romney or Giuliani you are one and all rejecting Fred Thompson as the Republican Candidate.

I know why. You decided to sign on with a candidate early in hopes of favor down the road.

Do any of your recall how it is that Fred decided to run? It was because of the actual VOTERS (You do remember us, don't you?) sending him money and begging him to get involved. We saw the same crop of jerks you guys did and we rejected each of them. The only genuine conservatives were considered also-rans from the start.

We didn't want your front runners. We wanted someone who we felt had the guts and the good sense that Fred Thompson displays. Not your polished, projected, fake candidates.

Now that REAL people have chosen why must we listen to YOU, the self-righteous prats, in being told that our choice isn't valid?

In the Preamble to the Constitution does it read "We the pundits" or We the people"?

It's OUR nation, not yours. Fred is OUR choice and you should listen to what WE want.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Stupidity Has Landed

Some very slick commercials have cropped up on one of the few TV channels I deem worthy of turning on. The History Channel.

This bit of stupidity in a slick wrapper is trolling for followers.

I went to that website. I searched their list of 30 (count 'em, 30) Human Rights.

It prattles on and on about how humans have the right be free and unmolested, but not one mention anywhere of a right to self defense. The Right that the UN doesn't consider right.

Nowhere on the website does it say how a human anywhere on the planet can get an enforcement of all these nice warm and fuzzy rights.

How is the right to not be oppressed working out in Darfur? Freedom from unreasonable imprisonment working out okay in China?

Without the recognition (not granting, recognizing) the absolute most basic human right the rest is NOTHING!

If a people is not free to redress their own grievances by force of arms they HAVE NO RIGHTS!

Any politician who doesn't admit that fact is out to enslave you and yours. He is out to MURDER AND RAPE YOU! Not necessarily in that order. It is the lesson of history that is writ large and bold in every language ever used on the planet.

If you don't fight back you are a slave. You will die painfully and slowly. You will see your children murdered and your family disgraced.

Without the most basic Human Right there are no others.

October IDPA Epilogue - Scores

My match score was 177.82 this time around. Not fast, no, not by a long shot.

But this time my overall accuracy earned me a "top ten" placement in figuring accuracy.

Yes, way down at number 8, but last month I didn't even place and the number of competitors was smaller.

IDPA scoring is slanted toward accuracy at the expense of speed. Speed counts, but missing will cost you faster than you can shoot.

"You can't miss fast enough to win." I kept this in mind this time around. I'm not fast in gun handling or on the draw. To score better I need to stop missing and dropping points that I'm good enough to get.

IDPA Vickers count figures your score into seconds, penalizing you for every point you drop. Missing the target will set you back on time.

I"m firing a nearly stock pistol with factory reloads, not soft-shooting special loads.

I'm pretty happy with my score this time. I definitely improved since last month. I hope to keep on improving when I can compete again, hopefully in Decemer or a different weekend in November.

I'm even wondering about switching to the 21 SF.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October IDPA E

Nothing like shooting at a target where you not only can't miss, but you have a smaller area to hit.
No reloads needed, but you could do it if you wanted. Vickers count.

You are a volunteer at a church carnival when 6 baddies enter wearing sloppy, home-made body armor. If you hit them in the head or center of the chest you stop them. One bullet needed in each target, tactical priority. (Nearest to furthest).

I think I missed one but maybe not. I'll know better when the scores are e-mailed. A lot of folks were having trouble seeing if they hit at the furthest targets. They weren't willing to keep shooting after the 6. You figure your bets, though. If you don't know you hit then you can gamble on either having made it vs. taking more time and making sure you plugged the last guys.

October IDPA D

This one sort of doesn't make sense. If you aren't an Only One you aren't supposed to conceal carry into a bar in Texas.

You start seated in this one, too, but here you have to draw while seated and not sweep yourself. Target 1 has to be shot while your butt is still on the bar stool. Then you take out his two buddies who were crouching behind the bar.

This particular part proves differently difficult for different shooters. From my standing angle nearly all of the target is visible. I'm the tallest person shooting there. One of the other guys, though, has less than a foot of my height. This is not going to be as easy for him. Two shots in the T1-T3. That puts you 6 down. Revolvers have to reload, Semi-autos have at most 5 left.

Once you have taken out the boys at the bar you have to engage three more baddies at distance while kneeling behind the bar's far edge for cover.

You have to put 3 each into the three distant targets so you may have 5 and need to pump out 9. Yes, Virginia, there will be a reload.

My first time I often performed a "reload with retention" even when I could have just dropped and slapped. IDPA gives a procedural penalty for dropping a magazine with rounds in it or for dropping a magazine while there is a round in the gun. You have to do a reload with retention. If you aren't at slide like you likely will be penalized if you don't retain.

This time I remembered to be judicious. If I was at slide lock the magazine was hitting the dirt. I don't know how but I'm managed to stop slapping my palm, though one reload was too soft. It was on the National standards stage and I was getting tired.

No blood blisters and fewer magazines failing to seat. I'm feeling better about my gun handling.

I shot this stage pretty well as far as accuracy goes. Even though I never practice firing from kneeling and almost never from cover this doesn't seem too bad to me.

I remember when I had the intermediate training in Colorado and had to crouch behind barrels and fire. This is just more of the same.

I feel I do need to work more on non-dominant hand shooting and still work on gun handling skills. I can pick up more speed on magazine swaps and the draw while not sacrificing accuracy downrange.

October IDPA C

This one was the most complicated COF this month.

Home invasion time. You pull your van into the garage and some thugs try to put the move on you.

Tough luck, boys. This ain't Connecticut!

The van in this case is a donation but so far they still don't seem to have many bullet holes in it and are trying to keep it that way. It still runs.

You start with your weapon in your dominant hand and take on T1 through the rolled down passenger window. Since you only see him from about the nipple line up it's not a big target but close. Two rounds with the dominant hand and then out of the van and taking on T2 through the rolled down door window of the driver side. You can use two hands. I'm pretty sure I didn't bother. Two rounds from that close?

Backing up you have to engage two more targets as they appear, two each. Revolver has to reload before engaging number 4.

Keep backing up and T5 takes two from you.

You have finally backed up enough to get to the end of the stage. Three more baddies, two flanking a hostage.

This was the first COF that I shot and don't remember my score. I did pull a procedural, though. I hadn't neutralized a target before backing up and so that will cost me.

A lesson better learned on the one-way range than on the two-way range.

October IDPA B

The Cirillo Drill.

This drill is challenging. You have two targets half-shielded behind a no-shoot and the third is partially concealed by hard cover.

You don't have to do head shots, but they are actually somewhat 'safe' bets in order to finish this. Each target is supposed to catch two bullets.

Only six hits are needed so revolvers don't face a disadvantage from higher capacity semi-autos. Vickers count so those semi-autos can fire more, if they want.

The squad I was on did this one last and I saw a lot of misses from people who normally don't miss. There was even a Constable competing whose 1911 locked up from being dry as he fired the sixth shot.

I officially only missed once but one was really close to being a miss. I hadn't fired anything except dry in a month so that was part of it, fatigue was there, too.

Why do I feel this drill to be valid? It forces you to face targets that aren't full body.

I'll say it here, but it applies to all the gun games. These are not realistic depictions of a two way gun fight. IDPA is better at making a competitor adhere to something approaching real tactics than IPSC. But it is still a gun game. I do it because it is FUN.

October IDPA A

This month I remembered to ask for COF sheets to try and illustrate my experiences at IDPA.

While the gun range features only 4 "bays" the GM drew upon his recent experiences at the Nationals to set up 5 Course Of Fire (COF) stages within the 4 spaces. While stages 1 and 2 occupied the same bay they were not shot at the same time. Instead they were shot in sequence.

You have a rather simple shoot with almost no movement required by the shooter.

7 yards non-dominant hand, starting gun at a low ready, safety off. One to the body on each, one to the head on each of the first three targets. Six rounds, Vickers count so you can fire more if you want.

That section of the stage concluded you reload, re-holster and back up to 10 yards. This one starts from the draw, dominant hand only, one to each of the first three targets, then back again and conclude with a head shot at the three. Nine rounds, Vickers count.

After this section you reload and move to the final section which calls for a mandatory tactical reload. You are farther back. Your three targets have a buddy with them. You have to serve all your guests one round each to the body and then do a tactical reload and kneel, then serve dessert to your guests in the body.

Complicated scenarios may look more "fun" but this one was both simple and challenging. I think that for a 'game' it was very interesting.

The gun and holster were the same choices as last time. G 22 and Blackhawk CQC holster.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daniel Boone would have cried

No wonder he abandoned the area for Missouri.

Kentucky is looking to cash in on a reasonable product that has been of vital importance in treating both acute and chronic pain.
Kentucky officials on Thursday sued the manufacturer of OxyContin, the prescription pain reliever dubbed "hillbilly heroin," because of widespread abuse in Appalachia.

A lawsuit filed by Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo and Pike County
officials demands millions in compensation from drug maker Purdue Pharma.
Unlike the scum lawyers in this scandal I have personal experience with OxyContin. Not as someone who ever took it. As someone who has dispensed these tablets.

It works. It isn't perfect, but it works. That some people abuse it is not reason to hit the manufacturer. They didn't run around saying "Get high on this". They have abided by all the rules and regulations of the FDA and the assorted states.

So why go into the extortion racket in Kentucky?

Unintended Consequences

I finally read this book all the way through. It was my second attempt, the first one ending about mid-way through.

It's not a hard read, once you get used to the author's idiosyncrasies. Were it not for the subject matter, however, I doubt I would have bothered.

To call the book thought provoking would be to shortchange the author.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Texas, By God!

A few weeks ago news of a horrific double murder emerged from the gun un-friendly state of Connecticut. A doctor is assaulted, his wife and daughter raped and then murdered, the home set on fire. If the murders hadn't rammed the cops as they left the scene of the crime they might still be free to commit murder.

Those things happen when the law-abiding are made defenseless. When the potential victims are disarmed.

It's not that way in Texas.

A man posing as a police officer forces his way into a home and terrorizes a San Antonio family. The fake police officer attacked the father inside that house, as children and wife watched.

"He hit me with a crow bar in the face threatening to kill me," said the father, who did not want to his identity revealed because he still fears for his family.

He did reveal all of his stitches and staples from the attack.

The pediatrician in Connecticut was beaten, too. Beaten and left to burn to death. The perps were two men with long histories as burglars. Or at least that's what they had plea bargained down to on their earlier convictions. With prosecutors who won't push on real criminals and judges who won't sentence career criminals to significant sentences these two probably had a worse history than we know.

These two beat the doctor, raped and murdered his wife and daughter and set fire to the house.

But in Texas the story didn't end with a whimper. It ended with a bang.

Scared for his family, the father fought back.

"I wasn't going to lay down and let them do what they wanted in my home," said the father. "Good Lord only what they would have done if I would have cooperated they could have killed all of us."

But they didn't because this father managed to get to his gun and fired several shots scaring all three men out of his home.

"We plan on moving out of the neighborhood," said the father. "I've lived here over 30 years, and it's just not safe.

Connecticut, stop letting the criminals and the liberals force you to live in fear! Nation, rise up! Acclaim your right to self defense and MAKE your voice heard!

All you have to lose is your victimhood.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Proof, as if we needed any.

In a move that has stunned New York, the Bloomberg administration is in discussions to escort the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to ground zero during his visit to New York next week, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said today.
Forget the lying. The law breaking. The complete disregard for any glimmer of truth, justice or honoring of the Constitution.

For Bloomberg to even enter negotiations to take Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero while that weasel-faced turd is sending bombs and men to kill Americans in Iraq completely boggles the mind.

If I'm mayor and Ahmadinejad wanted to visit I'd tell him and his entourage to paint their faces and prepare to die.

There is only one way he belongs at Ground Zero. As a head on a pike.

Anyone in office who disagrees with that needs to take their stuff and get out. France or Canada may want you. I don't.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Only Ones Stealing Enough

Lee Paige has given the world one gift. The gift of a phrase that besmirches all the self-inflated public servants.

I usually only forward these but I think I'll start posting some here, too.

ROBELINE, La. - This village's only convenience store decided to do something nice for its police officers: give them a free fountain drink or coffee at closing time. But somewhere along the way, investigators say, it got out of control. Now, all three of the village's officers are accused of stealing snacks.

"Over a period of time, it evolved into regular drinks and more," Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's investigator Travis Trammell said. "There's no telling how it got to this point, but the store started experiencing losses and they watch their videotapes and see all of this going on."

Surveillance tapes showed each officer going into the Shop-A-Lott at Lott Oil around closing time and filling plastic bags with dozens of bottled soft drinks, Trammell said. The officers also are reportedly seen eating an assortment of other snacks without paying.

Police Chief Gordon O'Con confirmed that the officers remain on active duty, but said he was advised not to commment about their arrests. There was no answer at the police department Friday when The Associated Press made repeated calls seeking comment from the officers.

What makes this an Only Ones is that these cops are still on duty, still armed. Afforded the means and opportunity to take retribution upon those who dare to call an armed robber an armed robber.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Can someone take a message?

Hello, U.N.? Can you take a message for me? I want to give your racism investigator a bit of a clue.

First up, what sort of wastoid position is that? Racism investigator? What did he find in Sudan? Oh, he didn't investigate there! So what good is he?

Yes, I know he's yet another muslim crying about Islamaphobia.

The United Nations investigator on racism on Friday condemned a rising trend of Islamaphobia, especially in Europe, where he said it was being exploited by some right-wing political parties.

Doudou Diene, U.N. special rapporteur on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance, also accused Switzerland's most popular party, the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP/UDC), of inciting hatred.

Now maybe this "special rapporteur" should maybe have a minder, like the rest of the kids on the short bus. It's clear that he's that sort of "special".

"In the current context, Islamaphobia constitutes the most serious form of religious defamation," Diene said in a speech and report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, whose 47 member states were holding a debate on religious defamation.

More and more political leaders and influential media and intellectuals were "equating Islam with violence and terrorism," and some were seeking to "silence religious practices by banning the construction of mosques," Diene said.

Hey, special guy. It wasn't the world who linked Islam with violence and terrorism. It was Muslims who made that link and they've been forging that link for the past several decades. When a Buddhist is beheaded in Indonesia it's a Muslim doing the violence. When there is a terrorist attacking London it's a Muslim doing the terrorism.

WE aren't doing that to Islam. YOUR PEOPLE ARE!

Now, I'm sure you folks at the U.N. really don't want to have anything to do with racism. Guess what. There's racism in the United States. I suggest you folks clear out. Don't stay to the end of your lease. Pick up stakes and move. Let's see. Dubai has a big tower of Babel they just built. Surely they need tenants.

Take your Koran kissing on the road, jack and don't come back no more.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

IDPA is fun!

I got to the club and participated in the IDPA shoot. If I recall there was a total of 16 people participating, split into two squads. We shot in 4 different bays set up with different courses of fire.

The one that cost the most time to everyone was perhaps one of the more creative. The Gun Show.

You've been a good boy and let the security at the gun show put a cable tie through your pistol barrel. You are bent over a table looking at something when some not-good boys pull out guns and start trouble. Your task is the draw your disabled side arm, remove the cable tie, load, chamber and engage the first three targets, then an accomplice in the middle of the imaginary "room" as you move to cover while avoiding a hit on a no-shoot. This being IDPA you are only allowed 10 rounds.

From cover you can re-load and engage three more bad guys, one who is peeking out from behind hard cover.

This stage took the most time from all the participants. I thought it was very creative.

Another stage involved a van used as a prop. Gone campin'. You are carrying in the woods and were engaged in some target practice. You still have 6 rounds in your arm as you are confronted by three armed adversaries. You put 2 each into the three, one of which is dodging frantically. You move with an empty firearm to the back of your van and grab two magazines. The three bad guys had four friends and you have to engage them, too. Again, one has hard cover.

When I did this one I created something of a stir. The plastic barrels the club uses for "hard cover" aren't all that hard. Usually glancing blows result in a flyer zinging overhead. Nothing I hadn't heard before at shooting berms. If you hear them ducking is pretty pointless. They were gone before your ear registered what that sound was.

Somehow my truncated cone FMJ 180 grain .40 S&W found its way into a barrel instead of just glancing off. Once it got in it didn't get out. It went zooming around INSIDE the barrel for a few seconds. People were looking around, trying to spot the aircraft that seemed to be right on top of us.

The remaining two stages were more straight forward engagements of targets.

The results are in. I was dead last. No suprise. It tells me where I start from. Hopefully I only go up from here!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


The destruction of the Democrat's hopes for the White House has begun.

As usual, they are doing it to themselves.

Winfrey holds fundraiser for Obama

The most powerful woman in show business was set to celebrate her favorite candidate at her palatial estate in this coastal enclave south of Santa Barbara. Tickets to the sold-out private event went for $2,300 apiece, keeping them within campaign finance limits. Stevie Wonder was scheduled to perform for the guests, who were expected to include actors Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry. By late afternoon other guests, including actors Linda Evans and Dennis Haysbert and TV director Paris Barclay, had arrived.
This is, in the words of C. Montgomery Burns, is "Excellent!"

Because the only figure on the Democrat side that stands a chance of winning is Hillary any major disintegration and waste of money on the primary fight is going to help ensure a Republican win.

I hope Sen. Obama can see the truth of my words and says "I don't care! Mommy told me I could be a President! I wanna be President!" The longer he holds out expecting to get the DLC nod the deeper the divide between the Democrats and Black Americans.

With the highly paid Black Americans paying court to their candidate (who has nothing in common with them) we have a division between a major voting block which is historically taken for granted by the Democrats.

The DLC will never give Obama the nod. The DNC is just a sock puppet for the DLC. The DLC wants Hillary.

This spells disaster. Without the votes the Democrats always take for granted they won't have a chance in the general election. In fact, without Obama in the race, many Black Americans will probably stay home rather than vote at all, helping to ensure more Republican victories in 2008.

The beauty of it is that the Democrats are doing this to themselves.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I can feel it comin' in the air tonight...


I have a day off from work. I have an IDPA match within convenient driving distance. I have an IPSC safety card.

I have to give this game a try.

IDPA is closer to what I want to do than IPSC. If you are talking open carry you are for IPSC. If you are talking concealed you are talking IDPA. Now, that's not apparently a firm rule at the club I'm going to. This being Texas cover garments are sometimes eliminated.

Choices. When I took the IPSC safety course I wore an Uncle Mike's kydex holster on my hip. This holster was fine for IPSC.

It rates as the only holster mentioned in the IDPA rulebook I got today as the one you CAN'T use. Maybe the guys at this club are lax enough that it won't matter.

Or maybe I'd better look at other options.

Fobus IWB Glock holster and and Galco Combat Master intended for the G 19/23.

Maybe I should just figure on shooting the Glock 23? If that's what I want to carry shouldn't I try shooting it in the gun game?

Or should I tolerate the G22 sticking out of the Combat Master holster by at least half an inch?

Decisions decisions. The Gibsons has a terrible selection of holsters. If I could get my hands on a Galco Matrix for the Glock I'd choose that. Not sure if I ever picked up a Blackhawke CQC Serpa for the Glock.

Or chuck the Glock platform and pull out the Serpa I know I have for my Beretta 96D? With the trigger job it's better than standard. The club is more likely to overlook the aftermarket grips than a non-permitted holster.

Or take the DOH of my BladeTech DOH holster for the CZ SP 01 and shoot 9mm?

I haven't been practicing enough.

Not for scoring.


If you put that in your holster and carried it you'd not worry about practice. You know you can hit a torso sized target up to 50 yards without even trying. Handgun, rifle, it doesn't matter. You just got too used to firing into those 3" Shoot-N-C targets.

You could shoot this thing with the 27 and you know it.

Quit trying to beat yourself before you get to the paper.

This is a gun game.

You are better than that.

Go and show them. You are better than they think. You are better than you think. You are good. Not fast. Not yet. But you are good.

Whiskey River Part II

The exploration of bourbon continues. Jim Beam Black is okay but not worth the premium. Eagle Rare is a single barrel bourbon. Taste is lighter than some I've tried. So far Jack Daniels No. 7 or Bulleit are my favorites.

At least bourbons are half the price of good single malt scotch.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Whiskey River

Whiskey River take my mind.
Don't let her mem'ry torture me.
Whiskey River don't run dry.
You're all I got take care of me.

Yes, that is perhaps the ultimate Willie Nelson song.

I learned to drink beer so long ago that I hate to think about it. Olympia (do they still make that crap?), Schlitz, Falstaff, Miller, Bud, Bush, Coors.

I had drank wine and some mixed drinks. For a time rum and coke were what I craved. Haven't tasted one in nearly two decades.

Along the way through my life I tasted Irish and Scotch whiskeys and decided that they were for me. Scotch more than Irish. The flavor was more rich and complex.

Yes, I've used whiskey for analgesia. When Vicodin didn't ease the pain after surgery Scotch did.

I'd avoided bourbon. To me bourbon was the foul-tasting stuff I sometimes mistook for soda in a glass that tasted worse than medicine. Bourbon balls were different, but just barely.

The move to Texas has prompted me to explore more whiskeys than just Irish and Scotch.

So far I've tasted Jack Daniels, a Tennessee bourbon and Bulleit, a Kentucky bourbon. I've also tasted Crown Royal. The Canadian whiskey on the rocks seemed light, almost tasteless. I prefer richer flavors.

Jack Daniels is OK. I'm trying to decide if I prefer Kentucky to Tennessee method. Kentucky is limestone filtered, Tennessee is charcoal filtered. There are some complex differences between the two I tried.

The flavor is not as bad as I recall. There are rich flavors that rival those I find in Scotch. I think I'll be exploring these for a time.

Tomorrow I should be trying my father's brand, Jim Beam.

NOTE: Alcohol and gunpowder do not mix. I will not touch a gun or gun part when drinking. When touching guns or gun parts I do not drink. Even though I do not drink past a certain warm feeling I know that my judgement is impaired and I could ease up on my safety discipline.
I've already had one negligent discharge in my life. I was young. I was stupid. No one got hurt. I want that to be the only one for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I don't normally post this stuff

I don't normally post this sort of thing, but the headline leaped out to grab my attention.

British dwarf's penis gets stuck to hoover

That's bad enough, but the first paragraph was worse.

EDINBURGH (AFP) - A dwarf performer at the Edinburgh fringe festival had to be rushed to hospital after his penis got stuck to a vacuum cleaner during an act that went horribly awry.
You may ask your self "How could this NOT have gone awry?" Dwarf, fringe festival, vacuum cleaner. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

It's not that the size of the performer that makes for trouble. No, it's the one-up spirit of things like a "fringe festival". Last year the 450 lb transvestite singing "The Good Ship Lollipop" was the big "thing". So what's a guy to do but get out his Hoover and stick it...

You can see the problem. It could have been the 450 lb transvestite who suffered this fate if things had turned out different.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adios Colorado, Hey y'all, Texas

After ten years of watching an otherwise attractive state being subjected to Californication.

For those who haven't suffered from this unnatural act Califorinication is where the worst liberal ideas that never worked in California are shoved down the throat of honest citizens.

If the incompetent slime balls doing this statute-tory rape were at least modestly talented at providing basic services it wouldn't be so bad. Such is not the case, though.

A moron who doesn't see that gun control never reduces crime is also not capable of removing snow from streets and sidewalks. That is why Denver suffered this past winter and why I wasn't sticking around. A corrupt lawyer who lets illegal aliens stay in this country after committing crimes is presiding over a state plagued by increasing crime.

There are great people in Colorado and I hope they make their escape someday.

I'm now residing in a state that hasn't had much corruption from the Left Side.

Some things that stand out about what's different between here and there. Used to be that when I took gun-related material into my employer (to read when on official break) I felt I had to hide it. If caught with a gun magazine I felt like I may face termination. I had to conceal carry LITERATURE or face penalties.

On Friday I spotted a fellow employee openly carrying a copy of "Shotgun News". Imagine that. Open carry of gun literature while at work! Won't see that in Colorado.

In Colorado I didn't talk a lot about my hobbies. Telling people you spent the weekend training with guns could get you a pink slip in Colorado.

Here the cute blond with the low-cut tops is complaining about (and displaying) the "hickey" her 20 gauge left on her shoulder during a family trap shoot over the weekend. She also complained that her little brother's 28 gauge wasn't enough gun for her tastes. Cute blonde nurses who are more macho than Dick Cheney. Won't find that in Colorado.

And last but not least there is that herb that I crave. I find it plentiful here, though some sources for it are better than others. It's an herb that I found hard to obtain in Colorado.

I am referring of course to...

OKRA. Particularly fried okra. I've found a small cafe that will sell some pretty good fried okra at $2.00 a heaping plate. So far theirs is the best in town, too.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good guy gets his man, already has great woman

Courtesy of Clayton Cramer's blog this news story.

A business owner takes the law into his own hands and holds a suspected crook at gunpoint until police arrive. The suspect was allegedly breaking into cars at a business complex on North Cascade.

No, you moron with a press pass. The guy DIDN'T take the law into his own hands. The suspect was not tried, sentenced and executed. He was merely inconvenienced for a time.

There is a huge difference between what really happened and "takes the law into his own hands". If you can't understand that difference who let you out without a babysitter?

Just after midnight, something strange was going on outside the businesses. "He had taken a transformer off of Roger's truck and was beating on a car window. That was thumping noise I heard," Kristi Lyons told 11 News.

Her husband, Mike, grabbed his gun and ran outside. They knew there was an intruder when they saw the plastic window on their car sliced open.

Kristi said the suspect was caught red-handed, hiding behind and underneath cars in the parking lot.

"Mike had him at gunpoint. He said, ‘We can do this the easy way or the hard way.’ I called police." She was on the phone for about 5 minutes while she watched Mike go after the suspect.

"Mike had the kid at gunpoint. He started advancing toward Mike with a knife and Mike fired off a shot to let him know that he wasn’t kidding."

Police arrested 24-year-old Richard Richardson.

I respect Fits' assessment of warning shots. If you need to pull the trigger it should be the warning to your attacker that he has just bought his final ticket to hell. He had a whole string of second chances before meeting up with you. You don't owe him one more.

"I wish he would've shot the guy," said Lisa Yunker who owns the business next door. She said the row of businesses has been broken into several times. “Everyone is sick of it, this whole complex. We don't know why we're targeted."
Probably because the cops aren't watching your place despite the repeated crimes. Crooks are lazy or they wouldn't BE crooks and if they get away with stealing at a place they'll keep coming back until someone stops them.

I know the guy should have been shot, but not for stealing. For advancing on an armed citizen. Stupidity should be fatal.

For now, everyone who works there thinks of Kristi's husband as a hero. Kristi told 11 News she’d do it all over again if another intruder came onto her property, but “With a bigger gun."

Richard Richardon is behind bars charged with criminal mischief, trespassing and assault. Police said they had been looking for him earlier in the night for allegedly attacking a kid with a baseball bat.

I think Kristi's husband should be very glad he has such a good woman backing him up!

As to the cops "looking for" this guy for beating up a kid with a baseball bat, WHY DIDN'T YOU FIND HIM FIRST? He seems to have had all kinds of time to go and steal what he was after.

Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.

The Democrat party revealed its true position. At least we got something out of the latest debate debacle.

With Joe Biden insulting a voter for asking for protection against unconstitutional assaults on our liberties and the applause he was rendered he has just signed his most important act in all these years of being a Presidential wannabe.

He has handed the Republicans the keys to the Whitehouse and Congress in 2008.

If they have the guts to pick them up.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Democrats finding themselves in deep lunar guano after Mama Moonbat perches.

Once upon a time it was liberal gospel that Cindy Sheehan only got arrested for harassing George W. Bush. Poor, poor Cindy. Everywhere she turned up to protest George W. Bush she got arrested, usually for the benefit of video cameras.

Now the Democrats hold both the House and Senate and again poor, poor Cindy is getting arrested! Must be that evil George W. Bush and his neo-con fascists!

Wait a minute, Mabel. She wasn't near George W. Bush. She wasn't near Crawford. She wasn't near the White House.

No, this time she got arrested in John Conyer's office.

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Monday at the Capitol for disorderly conduct, shortly after saying she would run against House Speaker Nancy PelosiCalifornia Democrat's refusal to try to impeach President Bush.

I hear you asking, as do I, how can this be? Aren't the Democrats the very soul of honest and integrity? Don't they always deliver what they promise? They are so unlike those evil Republicans.

Well, here it is happening. Not a Bush in sight and St. Cindy of Crawford is being led away.

"Impeachment is not a fringe movement, it is mandated in our Constitution. Nancy Pelosi had no authority to take it off the table," Sheehan told her group of orange-clad activists before they began their march from the national cemetery.
What's the matter, Cindy? Didn't Nancy do what she promised you she'd do? I guess Nancy was busy trying to figure out how to exempt her campaign contributors from the raise in minimum wage she promised to deliver.

Conyers introduced a bill last term calling on Congress to determine whether there are grounds for impeaching Bush. Pelosi has steadfastly dismissed any talk of impeachment, saying Democrats should focus their efforts on ending the war in Iraq.
Well, Cindy, you got a bill to be introduced, then stabbed to death on the floor of the House by (gasp!) another woman. Why, only MEN can be so cruel and calloused toward a grieving mother! That's leftist gospel! If that's untrue then what part of the left's house of cards is standing?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Coat of High Gloss

Continuing on from the point in the novel mentioned in a previous post I came across a much different scene in the book.

In this one the wounded Union soldiers have been evacuated to Mound City, IL where they are in a military hospital.

The scene revolves around a visit by a couple of U.S. Senators on a fact finding mission.

The first testimony they elicit is from a black soldier about the behavior of Confederates after the fall of Fort Pillow.

The soldier mentions the murder of unarmed black soldiers by Confederates but also mentions Confederate officers trying to halt the murder.

He is told in no uncertain terms that the visitors don't want to hear anything at all about Confederates trying to prevent butchery. The message is understood by the rest of the soldiers and no one else offers up testimony that mentions anyone attempting to stop the slaughter of unarmed men.

What this brings to mind for me is the way the mainstream media behaves today as opposed to how they behaved in times past.

Can you imagine winning WWII if the U.S. press had not mentioned German and Japanese atrocities? If they had played up or even invented atrocities committed by U.S. forces?

Can you imagine the result of the Civil War if Union atrocities were played up in the northern press and Confederate atrocities allowed to slide under the radar?

Today we have a media which completely ignores atrocities committed by Muslims, unless those Muslims are supposed allies of the U.S. "Palestinians" or Lebanese rockets landing in Israel is glossed over. Israel targeting true military targets are portrayed as war mongers.

No one in the U.S. has avoided hearing of Abu Gharaib. Yet how many mentions in the mainstream press exist about the slaughter of Iraqi civilians, many children, by the "insurgents"? Michael Yon is the lone voice in the wilderness telling the truth while tales of wholesale destruction and atrocity by U.S. forces or those aligned with them get reported ad nauseum.

The United States is being handicapped in the war against Islamic fascists by our own media and the Democrat party, their political allies.

I would have no issue with the mainstream media if it deal with atrocities from both sides equally. Instead the forces of the Muslim horde are given a free pass to murder, rape, loot, steal and shit in the living room while forces of Israel and the U.S. are humiliated, denigrated and sabotaged at every turn, even when they remember to say "please" and "thank you" when exchanging bullets with armed terrorists.

There is no fair and balanced view. Not on Fox. Not on PBS. Not on CNN.

And even if our side did lead the race to commit atrocities do you know what?

I don't care.

They are OUR side and I want them to WIN. Loosing isn't optional. It won't mean a small inconvenience, it will mean continued war against a people that seek to destroy and/or enslave my nation.

If we have to beat them by being nastier sons of bitches than the people we are fighting then so be it.

Learning is FUNdamental

Primary school students in Nigeria now have a new reason to love the $100.00 laptops donated to them.

It's where their porn stash is located.

Nigerian schoolchildren who received laptops from a U.S. aid organization have used them to explore pornographic sites on the Internet, the official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported Thursday.

NAN said its reporter had seen pornographic images stored on several of the children's laptops.

"Efforts to promote learning with laptops in a primary school in Abuja have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials," NAN said.

A representative of the One Laptop Per Child aid group was quoted as saying that the computers, part of a pilot scheme, would now be fitted with filters.

This came after the earlier news story that these laptops had been delivered to school buildings with no electricity in them.

Maybe if we'd sent these kids low-tech education they'd spend less time searching for porn and more time learning history, science, art, literature and mathematics. You know, books. Those things that they used to use in schools in this country. You don't need electricity to use them. They don't connect to the Internet and they helped humankind learn for a long time.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Deja War

I'd recently been reading Harry Turtledove's novel about the fall of Fort Pillow during the U.S. Civil War.

For those who haven't read his other works Turtledove is real historian who branched into writing science fiction and fantasy. While his professional area of history is the Byzantine Empire he has a passion for the events of the Civil War.

He's visited it so many times from so many angles I half expect him to appear in portraits alongside Lee or Grant, or both together.

It was in the latest book that I'm reading that I ran across a passage that has real meaning in today's world. I don't know if Turtledove was incorporating thoughts of past soldiers later entered on paper or if he was thinking of today when he wrote it.

"What can we do about it?" Anderson echoed. "Keep fighting the Yankees as hard as we can. Keep licking them. Keep making them sweat. Keep making them bleed. Abe Lincoln is up for reelection this fall. If we make the North decide the war is more expensive than it's worth, if we make it decide the war is more goddam trouble than it's worth, they'll throw Lincoln that son of a bitch out on his ear. Whichever Democrat they put in will make peace and send the bluebellies home. And we'll have our own country then. That's what we can do, by God."

"I understand, sir." Ward looked respectfully at the officer, who wasn't that much older than he was. "I really do understand. When I joined up, I did it so I could fight the damnyankees."

"Who doesn't?" Anderson said.

"Yes, sir. But that was all I thought about, you know what I mean? What you said, I didn't think about that even a little bit. How the war and politics fit together, I mean. And they do. They truly do."

"You'd best believe they do," Charles Anderson agreed. "Way things are no, we won't ever drive the United States off our land with guns. Maybe we could have once upon a time, but we lost too many chances. But if we can make those Yankee bastards sick of fighting us, they'll give up and go home. And we win that way, too. So that's what we've got to try and do."
Though there are references and slang that are particular to the time and place, the thoughts are the same. This is the mind of the enemy we face today in Iraq.

They can not win any battle. Lee won more battles than any Iraqi ever got close to winning. In the book the two characters are both Confederates discussing the war after they finished winning one small battle of the Civil War, Fort Pillow.

The Iraqi insurgents can't win battles. Nor can the Iran or Saudi backed terrorists from outside win any battles. We win all the battles, yet our politicians keep talking about the "price" of this war.

The United States stood firm against defeat in a war that cost HUNDREDS of times the lives we have lost in Iraq. This at a time when our national population was only a tiny fraction of what it is today. On the battlefields armies nearly equaling the size of our total deployment in Iraq fought.

The cost to our nation then was staggering. Both in lives and money our nation hemorrhaged like no other time in all its history during the Civil War.

Why, suddenly, are we so hesitant to do unto those who attacked us on 9/11/01 what we did to those who shot at Fort Sumter? May I remind the ladies and gentlemen of the Left that when the South fired on Fort Sumter there was no loss of life. On 9/11/01 there were 3,000 dead, all civilians. People like you.

Get past your hatred of George W. Bush. Get past your clinging to "he lied" speeches. What we face now is far, far worse than letting the South break away from the Union. The Confederates weren't going to be coming to Chicago and forcing blacks into slavery who had never been slaves. Al Qaeda will.

But you can trust that if we do not halt the Islamic terrorists we will be having Muslims enslave those of us who are not. Literally.

Remember the fictional conversation between those two Confederates. That is how those we fight are thinking. If they can just hold on until a Democrat gets into the Presidency then they can finally win. They will have their own country.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fired At, Then Fired. UPDATED

In a perfect example of hate crime laws not being used when the victim is white an immigrant turned citizen from Germany is intimidated and then shot at, but the local law enforcement won't consider the incident "racially charged".

Here is a guy who came over with his family in the 1950s from Germany. He's a full citizen. He knows he's an immigrant and has NO PROBLEMS with IMMIGRANTS. What he doesn't like are ILLEGAL ALIENS. (The caps are there so that even morons from the media can see the truth.)

He had a second job working in a 7-11. He chose to work that as his second job to qualify for the dental care offered to employees.

When he wasn't working he wore a cap with the words "U.S. Border Patrol" on the front.

One night he was at his job and two men entered the store and in full view of the store's surveillance cameras threatened him with bodily harm and worse because of the cap he wears when he is NOT on the job.

After the threats these guys hang around (loitered) in front of the store then left sight. Shortly after the store employee went off duty and left the store someone fired 5 shots into the front of the store from the darkness, all aimed to where the employee had been standing during the threats and intimidation. The shots did not connect with anyone.

After the gunfire the store gave this man 7 days paid leave. When that was over they fired him. Over the phone.

Southland corporation is giving out false stories. Stories so false they won't go on the air since to do so would put them on record with stories they know wouldn't stand up if this man gets a lawyer to sue them.

Can anyone tell me, with a straight face, that if this man had been Latino, had worn a "La Rasa" ball cap and the threatening had been done by two white guys that the local police chief would be denying racism as a motive? I'd give $10.00 to the police chief if he could say that where a voice stress analysis machine could be used.

Here we have a racially motivated crime. The victim is white. The suspects Latino. Will these two men, captured on surveillance video, ever be caught? Will they ever be charged? No, you could bet your money that they will never be charged.

And the victim is out of his job because his employer doesn't want to piss off the illegal aliens.


For those not reading comments the 7-11 employee agreed to go on a polygraph, paid for by a Denver area talk radio station.

The results came from the polygrapher live on the air this morning. On the questions asked that the radio host and the polygrapher agreed to use this guy was judged to be telling the truth on every one of them.

What you can be sure of is that the Basalt, CO chief of police will NOT go on a polygraph to prove that HE is telling the truth. 7-11 is being mealy-mouthed, using that police chief's statements to stand by their decision to fire an employee.

BTW, this shooting occured 6/26/07. To date there has been no word of suspects questioned, let alone jailed for the five rounds fired through the front window of a 7-11 in which another clerk and five customers were present.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

For What It's Worth

Local events that don't seem to have made national news have me taking a trip down memory lane.
"There's somethin' happenin' here
What it is ain't exactly clear"
The lines float up from my memory. Despite hearing them a million plus times on the radio the memory they stir is rooted in hearing them live. Not from the original group but some not terrible tribute group called Buffalo Springfield Revisited. They were the opening act for the Guess Who on the night I did my one and only stint as a bar bouncer.

The police recently found explosives, including nitro, in a home in the Denver metro area. The owner had to be tear gassed out for the search. The police initially interviewed and then released him. Later they arrested him when he tried to re-enter the house.

The search and arrest seem linked to loud explosions heard by this guy's neighbors but some digging this morning pointed to a larger story than some guy cooking up nitro for fun.

Earlier this year someone was laying explosive booby traps in a clinic parking lot in the same area of the metro region.

After the cops started to look into this there were more reported explosions out in the county at large, out where fewer witnesses could spot something. Someone seemed to be testing something.

What is weird is that the cops aren't claiming these incidents to be linked. At least that is the story today. They are claiming he had a stockpile of weapons and ammo, but to the press a stockpile is one .22 rifle and a box of cartridges.

If this guy ISN'T part of the other incident do we have a rash of mad bombers? Did someone hold a bomb maker's convention and not put out enough flyers?

A few casual searches on this guy turned up info that he had a patent or two to his name and had participated the local charity race a couple of times a few years back. So far he seems to be a lone operator.

If I hear more I'll post more.

It's still not exactly clear what is happening here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unequal treatment

I'm usually bemused by people who work in the media. This type normally finds themselves somehow able to believe that they are morally superior to me without ever meeting me. They know all the facts without ever visiting a place. They know what is important on instinct and are never wrong. They are, in point of fact, legends in their own minds.

What is evident is their unequal treatment of two inanimate objects. A story I found on the news this morning illustrates this point.

SELMER, Tenn. - Investigators were trying to determine what caused a drag-racing car to lose control during a parade and careen into a crowd, killing four people and injuring up to 15 others.

The crash occurred Saturday night during an "exhibition burnout" at the Cars for Kids charity event in Selmer, located about 80 miles east of Memphis, according to a drag-racing organization. A burnout is when a driver spins a car's tires to make them heat up and smoke.

Witness Scott Henley said the vehicle started burning off its tires, then began to fishtail and slammed into a utility pole before spinning around into the audience.

Selmer Police Chief Neal Burks said, "bodies were flying into the air when it happened."

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman Mike Browning said at least eight people were taken to three hospitals. The fatalities were all adults, he said.

The identities of the victims and the driver, or the driver's condition, were not immediately known.

Compare and contrast that example of reporting with coverage of firearms deaths. What we have here is a machine that is very likely not legal on a public street being used in a parade. There is a human operating it. It matters little whether the vehicle was street legal. The same issue applies to all news coverage of automobile related deaths.

If a person had shot 4 people fatally and wounded 15 this story would be major headlines. Since it wasn't done with a gun it just barely rates a story. If it hadn't been at a parade it might not get mention at all.

You can bet money that if these same people had died from a single shooter's actions, accident or intentional, there would be accompanying stories calling for more restrictions on gun ownership. If it happened in a place where citizens aren't allowed to own guns, such as Washington, D.C. there would be calls to restrict guns in nearby places.

But every single day more people lose their lives to automobiles than guns. Every single day. Day after day. It doesn't matter what age group you are looking at more people are killed in auto-related fatalities than by all the firearms out there. And there are many times more cars, trucks and buses than there are guns.

But there are no calls to restrict ownership of automobiles. If drugs or alcohol are involved there might be some preaching related to the publics' consumption of these. No one demands that the driving age be raised. No one is insisting on background checks on purchasers of automobiles.

This is a honking-big example of hypocrisy.

"But you can't conceal a car, you can conceal a gun!"

Having something concealed doesn't make it more deadly. No one, not even those who choose or can not afford to buy a car can avoid being near cars and people in them on a daily basis. Consider this "open carry". Employers who try to ban firearms from employee vehicles have no problem at all with those same employees each arriving in their own vehicle. They don't try to regulate the size, fuel capacity or safe use of such vehicles. I can think of at least two co-workers of mine that I've lost due to automobile fatalities and zero to firearms. Both employers allowed automobiles and banned firearms.

"But everyone needs transportation!"

True. But does everyone need to own an automobile? Our country is laid out in a way that encourages automobile use. Outside of major metropolitan areas there is usually no subway, often no passenger trains at all. Bus service is usually slow and sketchy. That is why the automobile has risen to become so ubiquitous. We are set up to employ it that way.

At one time you would have searched far and wide to find a home without a firearm. That was before the self-described journalists started telling people how evil guns were. Telling them how a gun in the home is more likely to be used on the owner or their family. I still want to find the liar who made that one up and introduce him to Louis Ville Slugger, Proctologist. Since no one collects data on how many crimes don't occur because the owner displays a weapon there is no way to ascertain how often a gun in the home is "used" without any injury to prevent crime.

How often does displaying a car to a criminal prevent a crime? Something close to zero?

"Guns don't prevent crime!"

Another lie. Every bleeding heart liberal bemoans capital punishment. They would rather 100 guilty men live out their full lives than possibly execute one innocent man. They proclaim this while glossing over the many, many stories of people who prevent crimes and sometimes put a permanent end to the careers of many very, very guilty people. All without resorting to DNA evidence. Those people who use a gun to defend themselves and their families aren't "taking justice into their own hands". They are preventing innocent people from being victimized by the guilty. You don't need a judge and jury present to determine that someone trying to beat you up is guilty. You don't need a judge and jury present to determine that someone attempting to rape you is guilty. You don't need a judge and jury present to determine that someone coming into your home and attacking you is guilty.

If those guilty people don't like to face the instant death penalty from their victims then maybe they WILL be deterred. No one ever measures that in asking if the death penalty deters crime. They only ask it in regards to one applied by the State. If the victim gets to do it while the bad people are preying upon the good people the bad people will probably avoid acting in bad ways. If not then they won't do it again. I call THAT deterrence.

There is no point of logic wherein gun banners can win. The problem is that gun banners aren't logical. Since they know they can't win on logic they lie.

Friday, May 25, 2007

"They don't belong here and they need to be controlled."

There are more aliens invading the U.S. These are threatening crops, wildlife and ultimately the citizens of Florida.

GRASSY KEY, Florida (Reuters) - Deep in the heart of the Florida Keys, wildlife officials are laying bait laced with poison to try to wipe out a colony of enormous African rats that could threaten crops and other animals.

U.S. federal and state officials are beginning the final phase of a two-year project to eradicate the Gambian pouched rats, which can grow to the size of a cat and began reproducing in the remote area about eight years ago.

The story states that this population came from escapees from an exotic pet breeder.

This species is now banned from importation after another population began to spread monkey pox, related to human small pox, to prairie dogs.

When contacted by this blogger Sen. Kennedy's office would neither confirm or deny that they are proposing an amnesty plan for the Gambian pouched rats. The Gambian pouched rats, however, are planning mass demonstrations, carrying the Gambian flag for the near future.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

AP spreads its legs for yet another customer

The Associated Press has long ago become the whore for the Muslim market. This little-reported story isn't news to the rest of the MSM. Roughly 50% of the AP's budget is bought and paid for by Muslim interests to produce news content in Arabic for consumption in the Muslim world.

With that sort of incentive it's quite plain why the AP hires "journalists" who print false stories, publishes doctored photos and is loathe to call Muslims terrorists.

It is the journalistic equivalant of whoring.

Now it looks like they have a new customer. Either that or they are giving it away free, now.

Environmentalists have spent decades acquiring and preserving 90,000 riverfront acres of Texas scrub and forest and protecting their wildlife. Now they fear the hundreds of miles of border fences will undo their work and kill some land animals by cutting them off from the Rio Grande, the only source of fresh water.

A fence could also prevent the ocelots and other animals from swimming across the water to mate with partners on the other side.

"If you have a fence that runs several miles long, if you are a tortoise or any animal that can't fly over or go through it, then you have a pretty long distance that you have to go to get water," said Brown, an outreach manager at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, 225 miles south of San Antonio. Also, "any destruction of any brush is very damaging."

This AP story is wearing too much red lipstick and dressed for "work".

While it makes the case for how bad the proposed border fence will be for the wildlife in the area it clearly avoids talking about how the swarm of humans moving across the border already impacts the delicate ecosystems.

There is almost no mention of the tons of trash left in the wake of the illegal aliens as they move north. Not one word about what the armed drug traffic does to the wildlife. No, they'll give you a picture of a cute ocelot and not tell you about them being shot at with full auto AKs which are a favorite of the drug runners south of the border.

The story is full of how much fence has been requested and how much has been spent on the area's preservation while not telling you that there's been almost no fence construction.

The article claims that there is a booming tourism to the area without telling you what happens to U.S. tourists who might stray into the path of drug runners or human smugglers.

Once again the story the AP wishes to present is this liberal fantasy of a dreaded, oppressive U.S. impact on something while ignoring anyone else's responsibility for damage. The feeling presented is that the fence is evil and those putting up the fence are evil. Not one ounce of blame for those who make the fence a necessity.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Wars and rumors of wars

I don't like to spread gossip. I don't spread rumors. I prefer to keep my mouth shut because from my childhood to today I've seen an awful lot of bull flying. I'm usually suprised if something actually comes of 90% of what I hear.

That's why I only put a half-cent's worth of credit into an item forwarded to me in e-mail. I wouldn't give that much but it partially coordinates with actual news.

The story is that Al Qaeda is reaching out to Blacks and other minorities.

Al-Zawahri encouraged minorities around the world to join the holy war, or jihad.

"Al-Qaeda is not merely for the benefit of Muslims," he said. "That's why I want blacks in America, people of color, American Indians, Hispanics, and all the weak and oppressed in North and South America, in Africa and Asia, and all over the world."

I have to wonder how much of this is true, but considering the guy arrested in Chicago who was sort of a "lone wolf" jihadist I have to at least lend it some credit.

Yes. I believe there are stupid people so foolish as to believe that Al Qaeda would give them something if they worked with them to bring about the fall of the United States. The Russians found them and they weren't offering ANY virgins.

Do I expect another group like the Fort Dix Six to actually make an attack? Possibly, though lone wolf operations are much, much more likely.

The unanswered questions (because the local press shied from asking) about the Safeway employee who went on a shooting rampage remains. The suppressed story of the Utah mall shooter being Muslim remains. I don't know what Cho the Coward meant by calling himself Ishmael but that's another set of unanswered questions.

Both the liberals and the Whitehouse don't want to call these acts of terrorism. To do so would be to admit that the Department of Homeland Security is a failure. It would also draw attention the liberals don't want to the fact that we have viper's nests in most parts of our country.

Al Quaeda can sow terror without having direct links to lone wolf operations. They don't have to support them financially. They can spread their filth by way of YouTube and other Internet offerings to get some cowardly punk to get his jihad on.

Our schools, all the way up to many if not most college campuses remain Victim Disarmament Zones. They will continue to be the targets of choice because the press loves to glorify the perpetrators. If a shooter IS a lone wolf jihadi the facts will be suppressed. While Al Quaeda likes to take credit they realize that they accomplish more by not linking to these directly.

They don't stand a chance at an Islamic takeover against an armed citizenry. They are strong in their own lands but can't manage the manpower to take over a nation as big as the U.S. unless they are assured of being the only ones armed. By letting their lone wolves be denied they strengthen the idiots, fools and evil-doers in our own country who want to make the United States into another European Castratiunion. The U.N. pushes this policy as does George Soros. Outside of John Stossel there aren't any MSM voices unmasking the false promise of gun control. They only let him get in one good lick in several years of bashing firearms owners as dangerous nutcases.

Our own government has an entire beauracracy dedicated to eradicating private firearms ownership. In most states, counties and cities there are strong movements to unconstitutionally disarm We The People. Bloomberg is only one disaster away from pulling a Katrina gun-confiscation and because the people of NYC have to register firearms the going will be easy.

The push to eradicating private firearms ownership isn't a rumor. The success of lone wolf jihadis isn't a rumor. Al Qaeda has the ability to enlist aid from people who don't look or sound Muslim. If we don't get serious about our nation's border security and ultra-serious about staying armed and vigilant we will have our nation taken away from us.

And that's no rumor.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

And you don't mess around with Slim

Slim Frame or Short Frame?

I know most of the official press declares ithe G 21 SF to mean "Short Frame". It seems that everyone else has decided it stands for Slim Frame.

Either way it's the first revision of the 3rd Generation Glock in years. I know, guns aren't like cars or other consumer goods. The 1971 Cold Government Model is identical to the 1975 Colt Government Model.

I tend to look at the SF, though, as a Generation 3.5. It's not as radical as adding finger grooves (grrrrr!) or even forward and back stippling to the grip. The grip angle remains the same. There is still a big hollow space behind the magazine well. The biggest functional difference is a stock ambidextruous magazine release. This was something clearly done right and is one of the few things that Glock needed to learn from the XD.

Some things I wish they would unlearn from XD is lawyer triggers. I've become a spoiled puppy. I have had my triggers worked on so they are lighter, crisper. Around 3 lb but with less take up than I had on my 17L.

After going for a torture test this morning I am willing to confess to anything my 21 SF wants to hear me say. I think I hit 200 rounds and my trigger finger tip is still tender. I know, 200 rounds isn't even a break-in on a Glock. I don't think anything short of making it lay naked next to Rosie O'Donnell will make it so much as wince.

Of course it fed hardball. It fed hard-cast SWC and it fed "slow-ass Gold Dot". I'm tempted to try plugging spent cases back into the magazine to see if it will feed those.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

None Dare Call It Ishmael

One drove a cab, three were roofers. Another worked at a 7-Eleven and a sixth at a supermarket. Their alleged plot to attack Fort Dix was foiled by another blue-collar worker: a video store clerk.

Great detective work there, FBI. Let's see, you got McVeigh because he was stupid enough to drive without a real license plate, the UNABOMBER because his family recognized his published manifesto and just how is that anthrax investigation going, guys? With a track record like yours it's a surprise that we haven't already turned into West Saudi Arabia.

But the real question on my mind isn't how the FBI couldn't manage to find J. Edgar Hoover's dresses inside his closet. No, I'm wanting to know where these guys got their money. None of the jobs mentioned give someone large amounts of disposable income yet these guys had money to burn, taking junkets to the Poconos to shoot, had a video camera and apparently enough cash to look into buying AKs, M-16s and RPGs. If 7-11 is paying that kind of dough I'm in the wrong racket.

I'm also peeved because at least two of these guys shouldn't have been in this country. Like several of the 19 hijackers on 9/11/01 you have alien living here after their papers expire living in the open and causing trouble.

Is this or is this not living proof that the outrage over illegal aliens invading our shores isn't "racial". Just because the majority are Mexicans doesn't mean all of them are. If our government were enforcing the existing laws then these guys and several of the 9/11/01 hijackers would have been in jail or another country.

We don't need immigration reform. We need border enforcement.

The men trained by playing paintball in the woods in New Jersey and taking target practice at a firing range in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, where they had rented a house, authorities said.
Again, where did they get the money? Cab drivers? 7-11 Clerks? Roofers? WHERE DID THEY GET SO MUCH MONEY? They had a little place rented in the Poconos, money for toys, guns, ammo, video cameras. Where are these supposedly independent operators getting money for all this?

"If these people did something, then they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law," said Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer who represented scores of detainees after the Sept. 11 attacks. "But when the government says `Islamic militants,' it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous."

"Don't equate actions with religion," he said.

Oh, right. Let's not jump to any conclusions about who should be up for extra scrutiny. Plenty of terror attacks by Methodists last year, right? Presbyterians on a rampage over cartoons, right?

Let's drop this "homegrown" bullsh*t right now, people. These guys weren't born or raised here. They came here and were intent on killing. They didn't come here to be citizens, they came to war against our government and our way of life.

I don't know what percentage of Muslims are guilty of the same sin and I don't need to know. I know what percentage of terrorists are Muslims.

Don't equate actions with religion? When the overwhelming majority of one's enemy are of the same religion then it is clear that we ARE at war with Muslims.

Someone needs to get records for that lawyer and find out where HIS money is coming from, too.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

If you think IPSC belongs on a North Carolina pickup truck bumper...

You might be a redneck. Or you might have a redneck if you were taking an IPSC safety course today. I know I do.

If you just peeled off one of the blood blisters from slapping mags into your Glock and now you have a new one you might have a redneck.

Fun and educational. The fun was moving and shooting, knocking down poppers and steel plates. The education was finding out how horribly slow I draw and re-load and how utterly poorly I re-load my magazines when under the clock.

Two areas to work on that don't require actually being on a range since one can dry-practice both of them.

A VERY simplified El Presidente taught me about the slow draw and slow reload. Later on when running our little 32 round IPSC field course for the second time I found that I hadn't seated my magazine on my re-load. I found this out when the full magazine hit the ground while I was firing the round still in the chamber. Then the second full magazine also slid free of the chute as I was cycling the slide. Another was finally slapped home, slide racked and I finished the course of fire. The instructor did the course in 15 seconds. My second run was over 40. The instructor cut it to under 11 on his second run but missed one target.

Yes, my first run was under the 40 that I ran up due to re-loading errors. And it's a LOT better to find my errors in this atmosphere than if I ever need to do it in real crisis.

My shooting had acceptable accuracy, better than most of the other 5 students. I had a few misses on the steel and I had some early in the day when trying to fire 6 rounds at .25 seconds each. Distance to steel was 10 yards. I didn't hit the no-shoots.

I'm not clear to actually participate in IPSC matches and hope to be in one soon.

'Bout time I find out I'm the 142nd fastest gun in the west.

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