Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tired, but happy

I took the minimum required courses for a CCW in Colorado, then decided to move to Texas so I never applied for the paperwork.

Texas has much more stringent requirements, including an actual test that questions an applicant's knowledge of the law (after instruction) and shooting proficiency.

Readers of this blog will not be surprised that I aced the shooting portion. It was less demanding than the "qualifier" I shot in the spring. I hadn't fired a shot since the last time I shot IDPA and still managed to score 250 out of 250. I'm not Mr. Accuracy. I'm just Mr. Persistent. As Franklin observed, he believed in luck, but noted that the harder he worked the luckier he became.

Written test I didn't ace. I plead guilty. Yes, I had been awake more then 24 hours, had put in 12+ hours of work and fought to stay awake during the class. I still flubbed two out of fifty questions. I passed. I should have made this one be 100%, too.

It was NOT my instructor's fault. I admit that I didn't know what to expect from my Texas CHL instructor but Larry Arnold was as sincere, as dedicated to train and as effective as if I had sat in a class of 10. Perhaps more since I couldn't hide in back in a class of 1.

Texas is not just interested in making sure a CHL holder doesn't shoot his own foot. In this they surpass the Colorado requirements. They want to make sure you understand the responsibility of packing that gat. Larry Arnold wasn't running a scare show. He was trying his level best to prepare someone for assuming grave responsibility.

I hope to finish up the paper work and submit this week.


Robocop said...

This is my experience with CCW Permits. Pennsylvania had no course or range requirement when I got their permit. I wasn't even a PA resident. New York had a classroom only safety course. Of course, you have to pull out your own teeth to make a New York permit a carry permit. Now Texas was fun. I aced both the written test, and the range qualification. I guess all the recreational shooting, and peace officer range training paid off.

Interesting note about the range test. The man who came in Second by only one shot qualified with an Astra 400. I qualified with a Glock 22.

Hyunchback said...

I was torn on what to use, so I wound up shooting the 21 SF.

Robocop said...

My two personal favorites for personal carry include the Glock 22, and my old Beretta 96D.

Fits said...

Good on ya, Hyunch. In FL if one has a DD-214 then there is no test of any kind, and going the electronic fingerprinting route I received my CWP in 8 working days after mailing in the paperwork. They are so very user friendly that you may email the office any time you please during the process and they'll keep you abreast of the goings on. No computer? No problem. Calling the number brings you to a living human being who is courteous and does all he or she can to help.

Nearly floored me how efficient a government office can be. I've a harder time returning something at Wal-Mart or JC Penney.

Hyunchback said...

The 22, 23 and 27 will all find a time, I'm sure. My 96D is whispering but I swore to grow used to the Glock as it was likely to be my chosen carry platform.

I had the 96D's trigger sweetened and it's accurate. I can still fling lead with faster trigger reset out of the 22.

Texas only accepts DD214 for a limited time after service and mine was long ago. They do discount the fee for license for veterans, though. You can start the ball rolling through an online application, too.

Hope to get the photos and fingerprints completed in the next couple of days since I (gasp) don't have work for a day or two.

1389 said...

Perhaps this will inspire more people to do the same!


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