Friday, September 14, 2007

Can someone take a message?

Hello, U.N.? Can you take a message for me? I want to give your racism investigator a bit of a clue.

First up, what sort of wastoid position is that? Racism investigator? What did he find in Sudan? Oh, he didn't investigate there! So what good is he?

Yes, I know he's yet another muslim crying about Islamaphobia.

The United Nations investigator on racism on Friday condemned a rising trend of Islamaphobia, especially in Europe, where he said it was being exploited by some right-wing political parties.

Doudou Diene, U.N. special rapporteur on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance, also accused Switzerland's most popular party, the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP/UDC), of inciting hatred.

Now maybe this "special rapporteur" should maybe have a minder, like the rest of the kids on the short bus. It's clear that he's that sort of "special".

"In the current context, Islamaphobia constitutes the most serious form of religious defamation," Diene said in a speech and report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, whose 47 member states were holding a debate on religious defamation.

More and more political leaders and influential media and intellectuals were "equating Islam with violence and terrorism," and some were seeking to "silence religious practices by banning the construction of mosques," Diene said.

Hey, special guy. It wasn't the world who linked Islam with violence and terrorism. It was Muslims who made that link and they've been forging that link for the past several decades. When a Buddhist is beheaded in Indonesia it's a Muslim doing the violence. When there is a terrorist attacking London it's a Muslim doing the terrorism.

WE aren't doing that to Islam. YOUR PEOPLE ARE!

Now, I'm sure you folks at the U.N. really don't want to have anything to do with racism. Guess what. There's racism in the United States. I suggest you folks clear out. Don't stay to the end of your lease. Pick up stakes and move. Let's see. Dubai has a big tower of Babel they just built. Surely they need tenants.

Take your Koran kissing on the road, jack and don't come back no more.

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