Thursday, September 06, 2007

I can feel it comin' in the air tonight...


I have a day off from work. I have an IDPA match within convenient driving distance. I have an IPSC safety card.

I have to give this game a try.

IDPA is closer to what I want to do than IPSC. If you are talking open carry you are for IPSC. If you are talking concealed you are talking IDPA. Now, that's not apparently a firm rule at the club I'm going to. This being Texas cover garments are sometimes eliminated.

Choices. When I took the IPSC safety course I wore an Uncle Mike's kydex holster on my hip. This holster was fine for IPSC.

It rates as the only holster mentioned in the IDPA rulebook I got today as the one you CAN'T use. Maybe the guys at this club are lax enough that it won't matter.

Or maybe I'd better look at other options.

Fobus IWB Glock holster and and Galco Combat Master intended for the G 19/23.

Maybe I should just figure on shooting the Glock 23? If that's what I want to carry shouldn't I try shooting it in the gun game?

Or should I tolerate the G22 sticking out of the Combat Master holster by at least half an inch?

Decisions decisions. The Gibsons has a terrible selection of holsters. If I could get my hands on a Galco Matrix for the Glock I'd choose that. Not sure if I ever picked up a Blackhawke CQC Serpa for the Glock.

Or chuck the Glock platform and pull out the Serpa I know I have for my Beretta 96D? With the trigger job it's better than standard. The club is more likely to overlook the aftermarket grips than a non-permitted holster.

Or take the DOH of my BladeTech DOH holster for the CZ SP 01 and shoot 9mm?

I haven't been practicing enough.

Not for scoring.


If you put that in your holster and carried it you'd not worry about practice. You know you can hit a torso sized target up to 50 yards without even trying. Handgun, rifle, it doesn't matter. You just got too used to firing into those 3" Shoot-N-C targets.

You could shoot this thing with the 27 and you know it.

Quit trying to beat yourself before you get to the paper.

This is a gun game.

You are better than that.

Go and show them. You are better than they think. You are better than you think. You are good. Not fast. Not yet. But you are good.


Fits said...

Far too many choices. Thats because you are trying to perfect what you haven't participated in yet. Anything you write in stone now will be buried under a sock drawer later so don't over-think the deal just yet and see what works best from doing not thinking. Better yet, try entering into it as a sport, fun, a game, and loosen up a tad. Tad and a quarter.

Hyunchback said...

Yes, it was too many choices.

Keep it simple. Keep it Glock.

I cleaned both the 22 and the 23. I'll drag them both with me and use the holster I'm permitted to use.

It's just a game and having fun is the important part.


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