Thursday, September 27, 2007

Texas, By God!

A few weeks ago news of a horrific double murder emerged from the gun un-friendly state of Connecticut. A doctor is assaulted, his wife and daughter raped and then murdered, the home set on fire. If the murders hadn't rammed the cops as they left the scene of the crime they might still be free to commit murder.

Those things happen when the law-abiding are made defenseless. When the potential victims are disarmed.

It's not that way in Texas.

A man posing as a police officer forces his way into a home and terrorizes a San Antonio family. The fake police officer attacked the father inside that house, as children and wife watched.

"He hit me with a crow bar in the face threatening to kill me," said the father, who did not want to his identity revealed because he still fears for his family.

He did reveal all of his stitches and staples from the attack.

The pediatrician in Connecticut was beaten, too. Beaten and left to burn to death. The perps were two men with long histories as burglars. Or at least that's what they had plea bargained down to on their earlier convictions. With prosecutors who won't push on real criminals and judges who won't sentence career criminals to significant sentences these two probably had a worse history than we know.

These two beat the doctor, raped and murdered his wife and daughter and set fire to the house.

But in Texas the story didn't end with a whimper. It ended with a bang.

Scared for his family, the father fought back.

"I wasn't going to lay down and let them do what they wanted in my home," said the father. "Good Lord only what they would have done if I would have cooperated they could have killed all of us."

But they didn't because this father managed to get to his gun and fired several shots scaring all three men out of his home.

"We plan on moving out of the neighborhood," said the father. "I've lived here over 30 years, and it's just not safe.

Connecticut, stop letting the criminals and the liberals force you to live in fear! Nation, rise up! Acclaim your right to self defense and MAKE your voice heard!

All you have to lose is your victimhood.


Fits said...

The loons are STILL defending that doctor. The one who let criminals kill his wife and daughter without lifting a finger. Good to know there are males still willing to protect their families.

Shore-Leave OIC said...

I had a very similiar post recently

This is utterly ridiculous


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