Sunday, September 09, 2007

IDPA is fun!

I got to the club and participated in the IDPA shoot. If I recall there was a total of 16 people participating, split into two squads. We shot in 4 different bays set up with different courses of fire.

The one that cost the most time to everyone was perhaps one of the more creative. The Gun Show.

You've been a good boy and let the security at the gun show put a cable tie through your pistol barrel. You are bent over a table looking at something when some not-good boys pull out guns and start trouble. Your task is the draw your disabled side arm, remove the cable tie, load, chamber and engage the first three targets, then an accomplice in the middle of the imaginary "room" as you move to cover while avoiding a hit on a no-shoot. This being IDPA you are only allowed 10 rounds.

From cover you can re-load and engage three more bad guys, one who is peeking out from behind hard cover.

This stage took the most time from all the participants. I thought it was very creative.

Another stage involved a van used as a prop. Gone campin'. You are carrying in the woods and were engaged in some target practice. You still have 6 rounds in your arm as you are confronted by three armed adversaries. You put 2 each into the three, one of which is dodging frantically. You move with an empty firearm to the back of your van and grab two magazines. The three bad guys had four friends and you have to engage them, too. Again, one has hard cover.

When I did this one I created something of a stir. The plastic barrels the club uses for "hard cover" aren't all that hard. Usually glancing blows result in a flyer zinging overhead. Nothing I hadn't heard before at shooting berms. If you hear them ducking is pretty pointless. They were gone before your ear registered what that sound was.

Somehow my truncated cone FMJ 180 grain .40 S&W found its way into a barrel instead of just glancing off. Once it got in it didn't get out. It went zooming around INSIDE the barrel for a few seconds. People were looking around, trying to spot the aircraft that seemed to be right on top of us.

The remaining two stages were more straight forward engagements of targets.

The results are in. I was dead last. No suprise. It tells me where I start from. Hopefully I only go up from here!

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