Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Only Ones Stealing Enough

Lee Paige has given the world one gift. The gift of a phrase that besmirches all the self-inflated public servants.

I usually only forward these but I think I'll start posting some here, too.

ROBELINE, La. - This village's only convenience store decided to do something nice for its police officers: give them a free fountain drink or coffee at closing time. But somewhere along the way, investigators say, it got out of control. Now, all three of the village's officers are accused of stealing snacks.

"Over a period of time, it evolved into regular drinks and more," Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's investigator Travis Trammell said. "There's no telling how it got to this point, but the store started experiencing losses and they watch their videotapes and see all of this going on."

Surveillance tapes showed each officer going into the Shop-A-Lott at Lott Oil around closing time and filling plastic bags with dozens of bottled soft drinks, Trammell said. The officers also are reportedly seen eating an assortment of other snacks without paying.

Police Chief Gordon O'Con confirmed that the officers remain on active duty, but said he was advised not to commment about their arrests. There was no answer at the police department Friday when The Associated Press made repeated calls seeking comment from the officers.

What makes this an Only Ones is that these cops are still on duty, still armed. Afforded the means and opportunity to take retribution upon those who dare to call an armed robber an armed robber.


Fits said...

They steal because they've been made to feel so special, just like they stole in New Orleans, just like they steal in every city of every state in the union. Its difficult to refer to law enforcement personnel as professionals because no other law abiding avocation has so many swindlers, crooks, and killers, nor is as anywhere near unfamiliar with its tools of the trade as LE is. Probably the worst part being they actually believe that they're doing a good job.

More and more I'm starting to think that they should be disarmed to the point of being able to pack heat only as the citizens of their community are. Not that other professions are allowed to walk around with a gun on the hip, but I'd give them that much at least because it is after all part of the Constitution.

But if the citizens of the community aren't allowed to carry then neither should their police.

Ah hell, guess that makes me an anti.

Hyunchback said...

I don't see a problem of a level playing field. I feel the cops should only have what a citizen can legally pack, packed the same way.


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