Sunday, October 14, 2007

October IDPA A

This month I remembered to ask for COF sheets to try and illustrate my experiences at IDPA.

While the gun range features only 4 "bays" the GM drew upon his recent experiences at the Nationals to set up 5 Course Of Fire (COF) stages within the 4 spaces. While stages 1 and 2 occupied the same bay they were not shot at the same time. Instead they were shot in sequence.

You have a rather simple shoot with almost no movement required by the shooter.

7 yards non-dominant hand, starting gun at a low ready, safety off. One to the body on each, one to the head on each of the first three targets. Six rounds, Vickers count so you can fire more if you want.

That section of the stage concluded you reload, re-holster and back up to 10 yards. This one starts from the draw, dominant hand only, one to each of the first three targets, then back again and conclude with a head shot at the three. Nine rounds, Vickers count.

After this section you reload and move to the final section which calls for a mandatory tactical reload. You are farther back. Your three targets have a buddy with them. You have to serve all your guests one round each to the body and then do a tactical reload and kneel, then serve dessert to your guests in the body.

Complicated scenarios may look more "fun" but this one was both simple and challenging. I think that for a 'game' it was very interesting.

The gun and holster were the same choices as last time. G 22 and Blackhawk CQC holster.

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