Sunday, October 14, 2007

October IDPA C

This one was the most complicated COF this month.

Home invasion time. You pull your van into the garage and some thugs try to put the move on you.

Tough luck, boys. This ain't Connecticut!

The van in this case is a donation but so far they still don't seem to have many bullet holes in it and are trying to keep it that way. It still runs.

You start with your weapon in your dominant hand and take on T1 through the rolled down passenger window. Since you only see him from about the nipple line up it's not a big target but close. Two rounds with the dominant hand and then out of the van and taking on T2 through the rolled down door window of the driver side. You can use two hands. I'm pretty sure I didn't bother. Two rounds from that close?

Backing up you have to engage two more targets as they appear, two each. Revolver has to reload before engaging number 4.

Keep backing up and T5 takes two from you.

You have finally backed up enough to get to the end of the stage. Three more baddies, two flanking a hostage.

This was the first COF that I shot and don't remember my score. I did pull a procedural, though. I hadn't neutralized a target before backing up and so that will cost me.

A lesson better learned on the one-way range than on the two-way range.

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