Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daniel Boone would have cried

No wonder he abandoned the area for Missouri.

Kentucky is looking to cash in on a reasonable product that has been of vital importance in treating both acute and chronic pain.
Kentucky officials on Thursday sued the manufacturer of OxyContin, the prescription pain reliever dubbed "hillbilly heroin," because of widespread abuse in Appalachia.

A lawsuit filed by Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo and Pike County
officials demands millions in compensation from drug maker Purdue Pharma.
Unlike the scum lawyers in this scandal I have personal experience with OxyContin. Not as someone who ever took it. As someone who has dispensed these tablets.

It works. It isn't perfect, but it works. That some people abuse it is not reason to hit the manufacturer. They didn't run around saying "Get high on this". They have abided by all the rules and regulations of the FDA and the assorted states.

So why go into the extortion racket in Kentucky?

1 comment:

Fits said...

Just like blaming the gun manufacturers when some idiot misuses a product.

Personal responsibility went out the door right after The Paper Chase began drawing cretin after cretin to the legal profession.


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