Sunday, October 14, 2007

October IDPA B

The Cirillo Drill.

This drill is challenging. You have two targets half-shielded behind a no-shoot and the third is partially concealed by hard cover.

You don't have to do head shots, but they are actually somewhat 'safe' bets in order to finish this. Each target is supposed to catch two bullets.

Only six hits are needed so revolvers don't face a disadvantage from higher capacity semi-autos. Vickers count so those semi-autos can fire more, if they want.

The squad I was on did this one last and I saw a lot of misses from people who normally don't miss. There was even a Constable competing whose 1911 locked up from being dry as he fired the sixth shot.

I officially only missed once but one was really close to being a miss. I hadn't fired anything except dry in a month so that was part of it, fatigue was there, too.

Why do I feel this drill to be valid? It forces you to face targets that aren't full body.

I'll say it here, but it applies to all the gun games. These are not realistic depictions of a two way gun fight. IDPA is better at making a competitor adhere to something approaching real tactics than IPSC. But it is still a gun game. I do it because it is FUN.


Fits said...

Fun is really the ONLY way TO go about it.

Fun means you'll do it more often, get better at it, and theres only a positive side to all that.

Of course, shooting at something while in an iso stance, and not moving for cover, concealment, preferably BOTH, can't be looked at as anything but a good old time spreading lead. Plinking with a purpose IS more fun than the same-old, same-old of shooting beverage cans 'till they surrender.

Hyunchback said...

More on this in my next post.


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