Monday, October 15, 2007

The Stupidity Has Landed

Some very slick commercials have cropped up on one of the few TV channels I deem worthy of turning on. The History Channel.

This bit of stupidity in a slick wrapper is trolling for followers.

I went to that website. I searched their list of 30 (count 'em, 30) Human Rights.

It prattles on and on about how humans have the right be free and unmolested, but not one mention anywhere of a right to self defense. The Right that the UN doesn't consider right.

Nowhere on the website does it say how a human anywhere on the planet can get an enforcement of all these nice warm and fuzzy rights.

How is the right to not be oppressed working out in Darfur? Freedom from unreasonable imprisonment working out okay in China?

Without the recognition (not granting, recognizing) the absolute most basic human right the rest is NOTHING!

If a people is not free to redress their own grievances by force of arms they HAVE NO RIGHTS!

Any politician who doesn't admit that fact is out to enslave you and yours. He is out to MURDER AND RAPE YOU! Not necessarily in that order. It is the lesson of history that is writ large and bold in every language ever used on the planet.

If you don't fight back you are a slave. You will die painfully and slowly. You will see your children murdered and your family disgraced.

Without the most basic Human Right there are no others.


Fits said...

Wow. NOW they tell us. From the Jews in bondage to Pharaoh, to the Crusades, to the American Revolution, back to the Jews fighting for a free homeland...all accomplished by protracted wars.

And all that bloodshed could have been averted simply by saying "We are FREE. So THERE!"

Hyunchback said...

Well, ya' know, give peace a chance and all that.


Peace really worked well for the Jews, didn't it? I mean they went peacefully into those gas chambers and hardly bothered the consciences of their murderers at all.

And peace worked for three out of four aircraft hijacked on 9/11/01, didn't it? Three sets of passengers agreed to let the hijackers have what they wanted, confident that everyone would go home at the end of the day.

That fourth set of passengers didn't settle for peace and look at them. They wound up dead without having taken any other innocent lives with them.

You know what?

I'm a free man. That means I'm free to die in a vain attempt to live free. It doesn't mean I need to turn my means of protest and self-defense over to the U.N., the BATFE or to LSMFT.

I'm free so long as I'm willing to fight to stay free. That's the only human right that means doodly sqat.

Shore-Leave OIC said...

Well said. People love to proclaim freedom and enjoy it but very free are willing to do what is needed to maintain freedom. Most people have this odd sense of entitlement, that they should be treated well "just because" and that nothing bad should happen to them "because its wrong". Nowhere does any think about the training, resources, or discipline it takes to have freedom or for that matter even maintain it. I suppose its easier for the weak to complain about such things and shake there fist in anger.

I have always thought only two groups of people are truly free 100% of the time regardless of their situation. Those who are already in power, the elite, and criminal elements of society such as organized crime or even street gangs. It doesn't matter if these people are in an oppresive regime or in prison, their environment doesn't have an effect on them because, well hell.. they will do as they wish regardless of the consequences.

Many people complain about laws in the U.S. and how they are becoming more restrictive. They cite how home invasions can turn deadly and that if only the people had the means to defend themselves with a weapon in the home or a concealment license things would have turned out differently. Maybe that is true, but there are some people (again, criminals and the elites) who will carry a firearm at all times REGARDLESS of the law or possible prosecution.

I remember in a neighborhood I used to live in had a high crime rate. Everyone was powerless (no CCW license) and crime was very high. Occasionally you would see a Mercedes Benz 500 AMG pull up to a dirty liquor store and the owner of the car would purchase a beer, drink it in front of the cash register, pay and walk out. Meanwhile his car was running with the windows down the entire time. Apparently no one was stupid enough to mess with him or his car as he was crazy enough to turn the city into a set off the movie HEAT. (on one occassion he did) Despite numerous arrest this person continued to act as he so choos, for better or for worse. Eventually he died.

The point is that for his life (rather short life) he did exactly what he wanted to and seemed to fear no one. I'm not putting this person up on a peddlestal, he was obviously a thug with no moral inhibitions but the point was he was totally free. And all the "normal people" lived in fear or other criminals (including him).

The thing I never understood is that if the right to self-defense is so important, why don't more people just carry guns (or any gun they want) for that matter. I honestly question, what is more important. Spending a month in jail, legal cost, or getting killed (or possibly your family killed/raped/maimend)? If things are so important as many in the politically active community claim, why don't they do more.

I often hear "range talk" of people refer to some hanious crime and state, "If he did that to my family he would be dead!" but yet NO ONE does that. The only people who actually "DO THAT" are usually alreayd criminals.

I think even if the government let everyone carry a sidearm, or a fully-automatic machine gun for that matter only 2% of the population would do it.

I had a similiar post on my site a while back, time to update


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