Monday, October 15, 2007

October IDPA Epilogue - Scores

My match score was 177.82 this time around. Not fast, no, not by a long shot.

But this time my overall accuracy earned me a "top ten" placement in figuring accuracy.

Yes, way down at number 8, but last month I didn't even place and the number of competitors was smaller.

IDPA scoring is slanted toward accuracy at the expense of speed. Speed counts, but missing will cost you faster than you can shoot.

"You can't miss fast enough to win." I kept this in mind this time around. I'm not fast in gun handling or on the draw. To score better I need to stop missing and dropping points that I'm good enough to get.

IDPA Vickers count figures your score into seconds, penalizing you for every point you drop. Missing the target will set you back on time.

I"m firing a nearly stock pistol with factory reloads, not soft-shooting special loads.

I'm pretty happy with my score this time. I definitely improved since last month. I hope to keep on improving when I can compete again, hopefully in Decemer or a different weekend in November.

I'm even wondering about switching to the 21 SF.

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