Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To The Pundits

This one is pointed at the pundits. You self-anointed phonies.

In the Republican primary race you have one and all rejected Fred Thompson in favor of the jerk you placed your bet on early in the race. Whether that jerk is McCain, Romney or Giuliani you are one and all rejecting Fred Thompson as the Republican Candidate.

I know why. You decided to sign on with a candidate early in hopes of favor down the road.

Do any of your recall how it is that Fred decided to run? It was because of the actual VOTERS (You do remember us, don't you?) sending him money and begging him to get involved. We saw the same crop of jerks you guys did and we rejected each of them. The only genuine conservatives were considered also-rans from the start.

We didn't want your front runners. We wanted someone who we felt had the guts and the good sense that Fred Thompson displays. Not your polished, projected, fake candidates.

Now that REAL people have chosen why must we listen to YOU, the self-righteous prats, in being told that our choice isn't valid?

In the Preamble to the Constitution does it read "We the pundits" or We the people"?

It's OUR nation, not yours. Fred is OUR choice and you should listen to what WE want.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

I've made this point myself. Fred is the "civics 101 candidate" The guy drafted by his peers because they believe he would be the best man for the job. He didn't seek it it was thrust upon him.

BadIdeaGuy said...

You're dead-on here. Nice blog, btw.

Hyunchback said...

Badideaguy: Thank you.

Lem: Fred is the real "Mr. Smith" and now that he's gone to Washington once we want him to go back again.

He's willing. The scum who claim to anoint the leaders don't want him because he isn't beholden to them.

We aren't beholden to the pundits. THEY are beholden to us. As soon as someone figures out George Will is less relevant than the Horoscope section of a newspaper he's gone.

Ronald 'More-More' Moshki said...

First of all, Chillary has already been selected; Rudi will be the sacrifice.

But as Nixon told Elvis: "I'm just a figurehead."
You people are getting all wound up for nothing. It's all based on doublethink.

That's what American robots do.
And Freddy is a script-reading robot, if there ever was one.

JR said...

The only reason they pay any attention to Fred at all is his bit of celebrity status. Another good candidate on the GOP side is Hunter, and he couldn't get a mention by the "pundits" if he single handedly built the border fence.

I am getting tired of listening to RINO apologist tell us why we need to ignore this guys past or that guys legislation because "they promise to give us good judges". What a load of crap.


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