Sunday, May 13, 2007

And you don't mess around with Slim

Slim Frame or Short Frame?

I know most of the official press declares ithe G 21 SF to mean "Short Frame". It seems that everyone else has decided it stands for Slim Frame.

Either way it's the first revision of the 3rd Generation Glock in years. I know, guns aren't like cars or other consumer goods. The 1971 Cold Government Model is identical to the 1975 Colt Government Model.

I tend to look at the SF, though, as a Generation 3.5. It's not as radical as adding finger grooves (grrrrr!) or even forward and back stippling to the grip. The grip angle remains the same. There is still a big hollow space behind the magazine well. The biggest functional difference is a stock ambidextruous magazine release. This was something clearly done right and is one of the few things that Glock needed to learn from the XD.

Some things I wish they would unlearn from XD is lawyer triggers. I've become a spoiled puppy. I have had my triggers worked on so they are lighter, crisper. Around 3 lb but with less take up than I had on my 17L.

After going for a torture test this morning I am willing to confess to anything my 21 SF wants to hear me say. I think I hit 200 rounds and my trigger finger tip is still tender. I know, 200 rounds isn't even a break-in on a Glock. I don't think anything short of making it lay naked next to Rosie O'Donnell will make it so much as wince.

Of course it fed hardball. It fed hard-cast SWC and it fed "slow-ass Gold Dot". I'm tempted to try plugging spent cases back into the magazine to see if it will feed those.


Fits said...

The 2007 Glock Annual specifically calls it the Short Frame.

Hyunchback said...

That it does.

The photographs I posted were with the 21 SF paired with my stock G 22. I know my imagination doesn't photograph all that well.

I didn't have a 21 of my own before so I can't show comparison between the two.

I do like this imaginary pistol, though.

Fits said...

Some folks are having penile problems referring to it as the SHORT Frame. Slim makes the bear-belly'd ones feel like they've done some exercise.

Hyunchback said...

If I looked to compensate for my "gun" problems with weaponry I'd be shopping in the Buntline league.

I don't have problems over which is which, though.

"This is my weapon, this is my gun..."

Calling it Slim, however, reminds me of my maternal grandfather's nickname. With a given name like Millard you can see why he preferred to be called "Slim".

Lemuel Calhoon said...

I envy you.

Hyunchback said...

You'll get yours, eventually.

Mine came about through a local kitchen table dealer offering the best price I'd yet seen. After I bought mine he dropped the price even lower on these.

The real envy, though, should come after the trigger gets sweetened.

Chunkstyle said...

You put cast lead through a Glock?

Hyunchback said...

Yes, indeed. I did.

I took the assurances of the fellow who had mixed up the batch of lead that his stuff was harder than normal cast lead.

It wasn't a lot. The gun did not blow up. There is no visible build up along the polygonal rifling.


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