Tuesday, May 22, 2007

AP spreads its legs for yet another customer

The Associated Press has long ago become the whore for the Muslim market. This little-reported story isn't news to the rest of the MSM. Roughly 50% of the AP's budget is bought and paid for by Muslim interests to produce news content in Arabic for consumption in the Muslim world.

With that sort of incentive it's quite plain why the AP hires "journalists" who print false stories, publishes doctored photos and is loathe to call Muslims terrorists.

It is the journalistic equivalant of whoring.

Now it looks like they have a new customer. Either that or they are giving it away free, now.

Environmentalists have spent decades acquiring and preserving 90,000 riverfront acres of Texas scrub and forest and protecting their wildlife. Now they fear the hundreds of miles of border fences will undo their work and kill some land animals by cutting them off from the Rio Grande, the only source of fresh water.

A fence could also prevent the ocelots and other animals from swimming across the water to mate with partners on the other side.

"If you have a fence that runs several miles long, if you are a tortoise or any animal that can't fly over or go through it, then you have a pretty long distance that you have to go to get water," said Brown, an outreach manager at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, 225 miles south of San Antonio. Also, "any destruction of any brush is very damaging."

This AP story is wearing too much red lipstick and dressed for "work".

While it makes the case for how bad the proposed border fence will be for the wildlife in the area it clearly avoids talking about how the swarm of humans moving across the border already impacts the delicate ecosystems.

There is almost no mention of the tons of trash left in the wake of the illegal aliens as they move north. Not one word about what the armed drug traffic does to the wildlife. No, they'll give you a picture of a cute ocelot and not tell you about them being shot at with full auto AKs which are a favorite of the drug runners south of the border.

The story is full of how much fence has been requested and how much has been spent on the area's preservation while not telling you that there's been almost no fence construction.

The article claims that there is a booming tourism to the area without telling you what happens to U.S. tourists who might stray into the path of drug runners or human smugglers.

Once again the story the AP wishes to present is this liberal fantasy of a dreaded, oppressive U.S. impact on something while ignoring anyone else's responsibility for damage. The feeling presented is that the fence is evil and those putting up the fence are evil. Not one ounce of blame for those who make the fence a necessity.

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