Monday, December 17, 2007

What more proof do we need?

There is a war on. It is between good and evil.

I'm not talking of metaphor. I'm talking of reality.

A headline today makes this war as evident as anyone could ask.

Saudi king pardons rape victim

I don't care what church you go to or avoid going to. Even a far left liberal should see the evil inherent in this action. A culture so evil that it requires a royal pardon for the VICTIM of the crime.

How many women have suffered without pardon for being the victims of rape in Islamic nations?

This isn't a matter of "different cultures". This is EVIL in action. There is no moral equivalence here. This is EVIL in action.

There is no way to compromise with this evil. There can only be destruction of that evil or of us who see it as evil.

There is no alternative to that choice.


Robocop said...

We sure know how to pick our "allies."

1389 said...

A tremendous moral distortion is inherent in Islam.

The solution? Confront, challenge, and refute Islam at every turn.

I must point out that we can scarcely expect people to abandon Islam unless we offer them a better alternative.

Shari'a law - inherent in the Koran and in Islamic tradition - demands that those who renounce Islam are to be killed. The same penalty applies to those who preach Christianity to Muslims. Nonetheless, evil must be renounced, and we must be prepared to explain why it is worth the risk.

SIREN said...

The evil is in action for sure. We need to unite. Those Saudis and Wahabbism and how they are infiltrating here in the west...They are everywhere. Those maddrassas and Imams/preachers of hate!
The Saudis, they are the source. As well as Iran, but for now the Shia and Sunni are a little separated. We need to keep them like that. It's Mesopotamia against Egypt.
BTW, I really like your blog. I see that you are a gun advocate, so I hope you like mine too!

Hyunchback said...

Yes, I do enjoy your blog, Siren. I'll need to add it to the short list for frequent visits along with Jihad Watch and Hot Air.

BobG said...

It's pathetic when our country is sucking up to a culture still stuck in the Dark Ages just because they are lucky enough to have oil.

Robocop said...

Lately, we have been sucking up to the wrong people.


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