Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adios Colorado, Hey y'all, Texas

After ten years of watching an otherwise attractive state being subjected to Californication.

For those who haven't suffered from this unnatural act Califorinication is where the worst liberal ideas that never worked in California are shoved down the throat of honest citizens.

If the incompetent slime balls doing this statute-tory rape were at least modestly talented at providing basic services it wouldn't be so bad. Such is not the case, though.

A moron who doesn't see that gun control never reduces crime is also not capable of removing snow from streets and sidewalks. That is why Denver suffered this past winter and why I wasn't sticking around. A corrupt lawyer who lets illegal aliens stay in this country after committing crimes is presiding over a state plagued by increasing crime.

There are great people in Colorado and I hope they make their escape someday.

I'm now residing in a state that hasn't had much corruption from the Left Side.

Some things that stand out about what's different between here and there. Used to be that when I took gun-related material into my employer (to read when on official break) I felt I had to hide it. If caught with a gun magazine I felt like I may face termination. I had to conceal carry LITERATURE or face penalties.

On Friday I spotted a fellow employee openly carrying a copy of "Shotgun News". Imagine that. Open carry of gun literature while at work! Won't see that in Colorado.

In Colorado I didn't talk a lot about my hobbies. Telling people you spent the weekend training with guns could get you a pink slip in Colorado.

Here the cute blond with the low-cut tops is complaining about (and displaying) the "hickey" her 20 gauge left on her shoulder during a family trap shoot over the weekend. She also complained that her little brother's 28 gauge wasn't enough gun for her tastes. Cute blonde nurses who are more macho than Dick Cheney. Won't find that in Colorado.

And last but not least there is that herb that I crave. I find it plentiful here, though some sources for it are better than others. It's an herb that I found hard to obtain in Colorado.

I am referring of course to...

OKRA. Particularly fried okra. I've found a small cafe that will sell some pretty good fried okra at $2.00 a heaping plate. So far theirs is the best in town, too.

I think I'm gonna like it here.


the pistolero said...

From a fellow Texan, welcome to the greatest place on earth. ;-) Whereabouts in Texas?

DirtCrashr said...


Fits said...

Good move, Hyunch. Texas desperately needs more men who'll fight those asinine gun laws. Now get your carry permit and read up on the 30.06 rules.

Hyunchback said...

Pistolero: A small town west of San Antonio.

Fits: I'm trying to learn what I can about both the 30.06 and the 30.05 signs. One source for info is the Texas CHL forum.

the pistolero said...

A small town west of San Antonio.
Good deal. I haven't been to that part of Texas in a few years, but it's beautiful. I am an east Texas boy, but I love the Hill Country -- and fried okra too!

JR said...

Welcome to Texas, even though San Antonio suffers a bid from Kalifornication, it is not nearly as bad as the Front Range.

Mattexian said...

Welcome to the last redoubt of sanity, where our Guvner tells the EU to F* off when it comes to our death penalty. I'm with the Pistolero, at the far end of I-10, before you hit the swamps of Louisiana.


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