Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fired At, Then Fired. UPDATED

In a perfect example of hate crime laws not being used when the victim is white an immigrant turned citizen from Germany is intimidated and then shot at, but the local law enforcement won't consider the incident "racially charged".

Here is a guy who came over with his family in the 1950s from Germany. He's a full citizen. He knows he's an immigrant and has NO PROBLEMS with IMMIGRANTS. What he doesn't like are ILLEGAL ALIENS. (The caps are there so that even morons from the media can see the truth.)

He had a second job working in a 7-11. He chose to work that as his second job to qualify for the dental care offered to employees.

When he wasn't working he wore a cap with the words "U.S. Border Patrol" on the front.

One night he was at his job and two men entered the store and in full view of the store's surveillance cameras threatened him with bodily harm and worse because of the cap he wears when he is NOT on the job.

After the threats these guys hang around (loitered) in front of the store then left sight. Shortly after the store employee went off duty and left the store someone fired 5 shots into the front of the store from the darkness, all aimed to where the employee had been standing during the threats and intimidation. The shots did not connect with anyone.

After the gunfire the store gave this man 7 days paid leave. When that was over they fired him. Over the phone.

Southland corporation is giving out false stories. Stories so false they won't go on the air since to do so would put them on record with stories they know wouldn't stand up if this man gets a lawyer to sue them.

Can anyone tell me, with a straight face, that if this man had been Latino, had worn a "La Rasa" ball cap and the threatening had been done by two white guys that the local police chief would be denying racism as a motive? I'd give $10.00 to the police chief if he could say that where a voice stress analysis machine could be used.

Here we have a racially motivated crime. The victim is white. The suspects Latino. Will these two men, captured on surveillance video, ever be caught? Will they ever be charged? No, you could bet your money that they will never be charged.

And the victim is out of his job because his employer doesn't want to piss off the illegal aliens.


For those not reading comments the 7-11 employee agreed to go on a polygraph, paid for by a Denver area talk radio station.

The results came from the polygrapher live on the air this morning. On the questions asked that the radio host and the polygrapher agreed to use this guy was judged to be telling the truth on every one of them.

What you can be sure of is that the Basalt, CO chief of police will NOT go on a polygraph to prove that HE is telling the truth. 7-11 is being mealy-mouthed, using that police chief's statements to stand by their decision to fire an employee.

BTW, this shooting occured 6/26/07. To date there has been no word of suspects questioned, let alone jailed for the five rounds fired through the front window of a 7-11 in which another clerk and five customers were present.


Ronald 'More-More' Moshki said...

Where did this take place? Where's the link?

An eye-legal eyem-o-griyynt probably owns the 7-11.

Hyunchback said...

I buried the links under quotations inside the post.


Shore-Leave OIC said...

Here's a thought, instead of living in a society with laws that are based upon the race of the suspects and victim, lets just make punishments severe for criminals period. This whole system of "hate crime" is outdated. If someone attacks me and yells out a racial slur then it should just be filed as an attack. Hell, chances are good I'll yell a few racial slurs myself, its what you do when your angry. Welcome to the reality of living in a multi-cultural society, when you piss someone off things will slip.

As for this particular incident, just try them for attempted murder. How simply is that? Do we really have to bring race into this when someone is obviously trying to kill someone else? Doesn't race go out the window when bullets are flying around? Usually the only things running through my mind when bullets starting being unloaded is how good I'm in with God himself, race be damned I'm trying to survive! If you catch me on CTV working behind the counter yelling a stream of racial epithets at my assailants I can assure you I'm "just venting" and have more pressing things on my mind.

Hyunchback said...

We must bring race into the equation when the cops apparently aren't finding the suspects.

The only person to face any form of punishment for this was the guy who was shot at. He lost his job and a chance at getting his teeth fixed after putting in time at this second job.

An update on the story: The victim of this event is going to voluntarily submit to a polygraph test administered by an experienced polygraph expert tomorrow.

The examination is being payed for by the radio station KHOW in Denver.

My problem with "hate crime" legislation is that it is never applied with equal protection, which is supposed to be part of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Just as the law is supposed to come down on me for shooting at an illegal alien for no other reason than his being one the law is supposed to come down on the illegal alien for shooting at me for being a citizen.

In practice this isn't being done. To the best of my knowledge the identified perpetrators could be mowing the police chief's lawn and he'd not find them. His department is looking the other way.


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