Thursday, January 17, 2008

Introducing a new segment

There are criminals using guns. There are guns being used by criminals.

Those weapons are almost never purchased legally. Billy B. Badboy doesn't call up his local gun dealer and order his GangBanger2008 off the shelf.

For one thing criminals don't pay retail or sales tax. Why should they? It's cheaper to buy a gun grabbed by burglars swapped for crack or meth to a dealer.

What's very, very, very curious about this is that when these sorts of transactions occur the myriad of gun laws affecting interstate commerce, weapons transfer, barrel length or stock length is never used. You have to ask why the BATF is spending all of their time trying to bust law-abiding gun dealers making human errors. If they went after real criminals they might actually prevent a real crime or two. Someday.

For that reason I'm introducing a new segment to this blog.

Where in the World is the BATF?

Our inaugural entry comes to us through ABC news.

YouTube Taunt Results in Weapons Arrest

"Alleged Gang Members Arrested After Taunting Cops in Online Video"

Sounds good so far, doesn't it? These gangbangers make a video taunting cops. The BATF sees the video and sweeps in and makes arrests. Right?


"ICE agents made the arrests as part of their involvement in a Miami Dade gang task force. Both men are being held in Miami-Dade County jail."

ICE? ICE? What? None of those heroes who shot at little girls in Waco? None of those heroes who burned little girls to death in Waco from that other lettered agency. The one that lied to Congress. The FBI.

Both of these agencies who were so in love with using violence to keep Randy Weaver's child from living and the Branch Davidians from freedom of religion weren't involved in this case? How strange.

Now, I'll admit, that's not the only strange omission from the news coverage. Such as the reason why ICE was involved at all. Aren't they only involved in control of immigrants, usually those who shouldn't be here in the first place? ABC conveniently dodges any question of the legal status of one Rudy Villanueva or why this multiple time loser felon is still inside U.S. borders.

But more importantly for this new blog segment...

Where in the World is the BATF?

Why didn't those brave jackboots who spend so much of their time trying to shut down law-abiding firearms dealers rush right out to confront these two people who shouldn't have guns?

Why isn't the BATF looking for the intermediaries who supplied these gang bangers with weapons? Why aren't they filing conspiracy charges against THEM as they so often have against legitimate, law-abiding citizens who pay taxes?

Speaking of which why aren't drug dealers ever sentenced to additional time for not paying sales tax to the government? Someone handling several thousand dollars a day in merchandise should be owing their local city, county and state a BUTTLOAD of money every week.

"Hey, you did your ten years for trafficking in crack. Now you are gonna spend fifty years for tax evasion."

THAT would put a real crimp in the drug trade. Then you can get OSHA involved with filing against the holdings of pimps for the working conditions of their employees.

We have an entire panoply of federal agencies which can and do harass the law-abiding. Why is it when it comes to street crime these laws are never enforced? They would substantially add to the time being served among the criminals.

The thing I never want to hear is "There's nothing we can do" when referring to gangs.

Tell the truth. "There's nothing we WANT to do."

That's why the BATF wasn't there with ICE or there before them.

They don't WANT to take down real criminals. They ONLY want to harass the law-abiding. That is their only real reason to exist.


Fits said...

The lard asses who work for ATF aren't going anywhere that doesn't have a corner doughnut shop that can be used as a base of operations.

Hyunchback said...

Fits! I'm ashamed of you!

How ever could you accuse people you aren't familiar with of this?

I'm sure that the Miami area has several donut shops!

We still don't know why the BATF weren't getting involved in keeping criminals from playing with guns, though.


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