Saturday, May 24, 2008

O! say can you see...

There is a problem afoot in the land that the media is keeping a lid on. It doesn't featured kidnapped girls so that's part of the reason. The other part is that it shows the anti-war movement at it's true level.

Flag burnings.

I'm not talking about freedom of expression. I'm talking about the denial of Constitutional rights to freedom of expression that is being engaged in. It's not being done by Bush or Cheney or anyone on the right. It's the anti-war movement.

Flags belonging to men and women on display outside their own homes are being set on fire. It's not confined to one geographic location.

I say this is repression of freedom of expression because the arsonists doing the burning are denying the rights of the flag owners to make their expression known.

No judge who isn't sucking around for a poke in the snoot is going to get behind anyone claiming that they have a freedom to set fire to another person's property. That's not freedom of expression and is the working definition of arson.

Cops, however, fail to treat these arsons properly. They treat them as vandalism, as does the press. How long before one of these "pranks" burns a family or even a neighborhood down?

Someone wants to buy their own flag and burn it on their own property after they observe all local fire ordinances, burn bans, smoking ordinances, and do an EPA study to ensure that their freedom of expression doesn't compromise the economy or cause Global Warming is welcome to. IF they do all of the above. Leave out one and they should be hit with the full force of law for the crime they commit. If a business can't have an open air incinerator neither should some "performance artist".

Now let's get back to what is actually happening. These citizens who are flying their flags are flying US flags, not the flags of other nations and especially not the flag of Mexico. The people doing the torching are the usual assortment of cowards which is why they are in the anti-war movement to start with. If they had the courage of their convictions they would call a press conference, do their act and then go to jail to take their medicine. Instead it's torch and run.

Total cowards.

Civil disobedience means you take your medicine, be it one hour in a holding cell or 20 years. Torching another person's property, no matter how you feel about what it symbolizes, is a cowardly act of arson.


Robocop said...

Could we torch one of them?

Robocop said...

Hey,are you ok man?

Hyunchback said...

Yes, I'm here. Been going through some ups and downs in the real world but getting back to a bit of what is me.

Robocop said...

I am glad you are ok.


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