Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tried a Sig

I got a chance to try out some other models of handgun today. A friend at the range had brought along a Sig 226 I didn't even know he owned and his CZ 85. Not an 85B. It's pre-B.

I like how the Sig fills my hand but I was NOT impressed with it for shooting accuracy. I'm shooting smaller groups with my P 01 with the trigger still not smoothed out. It's massive, for a 9mm. Glad I got to shoot one without sinking money into it. I can buy a CZ and have money left over for ammo for what a Sig costs new.

The 85 shot better (naturally). The main features that distinguish an 85 from the 75 are ambidextrous safety and slide release. The 85 is supposed to come with a drop-free magazine brake but I guess this one pre-dated that decision.

He had a Pachmayer grip on it which is superior to the hard plastic which would have been original to the pre-B 85 but in my opinion is not superior to CZ's current soft rubber grip panels.

I have seen the wonderful work of Omega and Hakan Pek for CZ grips. I even have a very nice set of wooden grips for my 40 B which the previous owner made. I find, though, that I prefer the soft feeling rubber grips that CZ is putting on their handguns lately.

The softer rubber adds grip power. If your hands get sweaty it only grips more.

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