Sunday, September 24, 2006

Going Long

Sorry, no images for this post. I didn't bring my camera and decided not to lug the targets home to snap pics of them.

Yesterday at my club they held a 2700 match. That got me thinking that I should start working toward shooting some bullseye. When I went in today there were flyers for a 2700 league running the winter months on Monday nights.

I'm seriously considering doing so. Toward that end I broke out some of my lesser used guns and started trying my hand at the full 75 feet.

I have a 686 with a six inch barrel. The former owner had gotten Wolff springs into it and the trigger is sweet. Sooo sweet. You could rot your teeth if you don't brush and floss after shooting.

That's one candidate. Considering that I have bad eyesight I feel pretty good about shooting 4 out of 6 into the black on a Dirty Bird 8" on my first try.

My Mk III Hunter is doing 7 out of10 into a similar target.

These are after I had already been playing at shooting one-handed with my two 1911 clones and my CZ 97 at 50 feet. What did I find out? I found out that at 50 feet I think the 97 outshoots my 1911s, even with it having fixed sights. The group was certainly better and I shot it last, not first. It's still in the running to play at this game. I will have to see how I do with it at 25 yards next time. If I have to aim off then I have to.

I still have to check the rules, too. I know they allow red dot sights but I don't know if optical magnification sights are allowed. Might improve my shooting. For now I'll keep practicing with iron sights.

I'll keep this blog up to date with my efforts if I decide to participate in the league.

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