Sunday, October 22, 2006

Targets and Target Repair

I'm guilty.

I'm guilty of buying loads and loads of targets, shooting a generous number of holes in them, then tossing them and putting up a new one.

I'm less guilty, now.

Viewing some of my posts you'll note the use of self-adhesive Shoot N C or Orange Peel targets on cardboard. The cardboard comes from my workplace where they have to pay to have it hauled away as trash so no one cares how much I take away.

I have purchased more formal targets, though. I have some of the ICE-QT targets and I purchased a few silhouette targets. I had not previously learned to use tape to repair these, but now I am. A 1" wide roll of cheap masking tape can prolong the shooting life of a target.

So, I am guilty, but I'm working to reduce my guilt and my expenses. The better to have more money available for ammo, guns and gunsmithing.

Speaking of gunsmithing I just picked up several of my pistols which had been at the gunsmith for an "action job". While this is more about the trigger than the actual performance I highly recommend having a competent gunsmith work on your pistols. Maybe you are adept enough with tools to do a good and safe job but not everyone is.

The work done has greatly improved the trigger on all of my CZs. While none are as good as the trigger on my Witness Stock (which had been done by another gunsmith) the internals of a CZ are different from those on a Witness/Tanfoglio. The pay-off is tighter groups.

I finally got some professional help with another issue I had. I mentioned that kept having problems with my XD SC shooting left to a club member whom I knew carried an XD. I took a look at the way I hold that pistol and diagnosed the problem right away. Too much trigger finger.

I had been using the joint of my finger instead of the pad and because of the shape of the grip and the weight of the XD's trigger I was pulling the gun with my trigger finger.

Shooting the little pistol with just the pad of my trigger finger brought the rounds back to center line with my point of aim.

I'll need to practice this method more, I think so I use it consistently with all my pistols. It could improve my group sizes on all of them or at worst not make the groups any larger.

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