Sunday, January 07, 2007


After many months of concentrating on firing from a two handed stance I've taken an interest in bullseye shooting.

Yes, I know. It's about as far from defensive shooting as you are going to get and still have a gun in your hand. It's slow. Methodical. It uses loads that are likely to stop before penetrating all the pages of a copy of The American Rifleman.

And it's FUN!

Or at least it is when you have an accurate gun that works for you. I'd picked up several pistols that didn't suit me for shooting this way. The Ruger Mk III Hunter, the Beretta U22 NEOS were two such. Long barrels, yes, but I couldn't hold them well enough to group very well.

A friend from my gun club had always remarked "you know you are going to do it so you should just go and get a Smith & Wesson 41 and be done with it!"

Last month one got posted to one of the local classifieds I check regularly and it was priced very reasonably. I e-mailed for contact and before I knew it I was drawing cash from the bank and driving to meet the seller.

I have had NO reason to regret it. My regret is not doing this in the first place. Even one of the newer ones would have been better than my attempts to make the other pistols work for me.

As it turns out I have a low-round count 70's vintage 41 with a wonderful trigger that functions very, very well. Today I sold the Ruger and the Beretta to the guy who sold me the 41. I'm firing the 41 at 41 feet and keeping almost all the rounds in the 5.5" Orange Peel circle. That's WAY better than I was doing with the Ruger or Beretta.

Hope to have some images of my pistol and its work later on this week.


Fits said...

Still awaiting the images...

JR said...

My #3 daughter started shooting bulls eye while shooting with the 4-H. The range bought the club a Kimber Match Grade for her to shoot at the state finals. She did okay for the amount of practice she put into it. Me? I'll stick with defensive work until I consider myself up to par before I try my hand at bulls eye again.

Hyunchback said...

While Bullseye shooting is a discipline unto itself I think it benefits more combat oriented shooting, too.

One guy I shoot with very often at the club recently took an shooting course from another club member who teaches defensive handgun use. He was quite impressed with this guy's accuracy.

You should encourage your daughter's shooting program. I try to do my part for my club's Juniors program, dragging in my empty cans for their collecting/recycling.


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