Friday, January 19, 2007

Tactical Shooting Academy's Fist Fire DVD 1

Recently Fits over at Shooting the Messenger had posted a link to a video trailer for Tactical Shooting Academy's Fist Fire DVDs.

The system looked very interesting. Using a pistol with the sights taken off D. R. Middlebrooks
showed how he was able to engage multiple reactive targets accurately at speed.

After watching that trailer and some others on Google Video from Tactical Shooting Academy I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was. I placed my order for both DVDs and the book.

Let me say first and foremost, the shipping was rapid. Let me say secondly that at no point in this blog will I try to teach what Fist Fire is. If you want to learn how to shoot yourself this guy is your role model and the only instructor I recommend for that training.

The first video “What we do and why we do it" is an introduction to what Fist Fire has to offer. Shooting from "Guard", "Partial Extension", and "Full Extension" are demonstrated to show that combat accuracy can be attained without resorting to the use of sights. Using the same gun with repeated zoom-ins to show that sights have not been introduced to the gun the demonstration continues engaging at ranges of 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards with combat accuracy.

You get to watch Middlebrooks and his wife execute very impressive shooting on multiple targets, moving targets and even while walking backwards on moving targets. They repeatedly demonstrate that the gun they are using has no sights.

The actual grip used is discussed, a little in the early part of the first DVD but without going into great detail.

Next Middlebrooks demonstrates his "Moon Walk", his method of moving backwards. This is a bit different from other methods I've read or seen demonstrated. What is somewhat impressive is seeing him engaging targets while moving backwards over obstacles that happen to be on his range (2x4 shooting box frames, for instance).

I am left with no doubt that this method of shooting is effective.

From movement to reloading. Middlebrooks has again re-thought Old School with an eye toward what happens on the street. He has some very good points and talks about how his developments in this respect have assisted him in winning in competition. His slide release is part of a combination move that re-indexes the pistol in the hand as opposed to a sling-shot move.

Using the Fist Fire technique with Carbine and with a flashlight are discussed. The Sentry position is demonstrated and the Tactical Shooting Association is discussed.

Will you learn how to do Fist Fire with this DVD? No, not with this DVD alone. This DVD will show what Fist Fire is and why you would want to learn it, just as the title promises.

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