Friday, January 26, 2007

Fist-Fire Attempt 3

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Trying too hard.

I don't think I need to go into what I was doing wrong more than that. It occured to me in studying the illustrations that I had read too much into the roll over wrist lock. It was much more simple.

My firing today was, I think, a lot closer to Fist-Fire. Every shot with this technique brought the sights back into alignment. At one point I noticed that my sights were back on target before I heard the spent casing hit the floor.

I ran through several different 9mm for a box of 50 then switched to .40 S&W for another box of various makes and models. Even my XDSC .40 behaved. I did torque one of the 5 rounds off to the left but that's a big improvement for that pistol. 1 round out of 5 an inch to the left at 25 feet. Used to be 5 rounds 5 inches to the left of point of aim at that range.

This was still sighted fire. I haven't begun to experiment with the more advanced concepts. The basic building block of this system is in the grip and support hand.

Tomorrow I'm taking a basic NRA class. The instructor is a former SWAT instructor. I would prefer to take his intermediate course but that's not available until March and I want to get my CCW paperwork in. Better a very basic class I probably don't need and a CCW in my hands in April than paperwork for the CCW turned in by April.


Fits said...

Just as an aside, I got a hold of several members of a uppity professional warriors type blog while inquiring about fist fire, and was summarily trashed for bothering to pay attention to someone without a serious list of confirms. To them, and a lot like them, the only folk who can opine are the ones who've racked up an impressive score, and no 1 way range rover is ever going to be taken seriously by the 2-way rangers.

Good for you. Learn all you can then use what works best for your own personal ergonomics.

Hyunchback said...

Thanks for the info.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to do more training soon with the instructor I was with today. Just an NRA Basic course so I can get my CCW permit applied for. His intermediate class isn't being offered again until April.

Fits said...

Yep. Get that permit. By then, you'll have decided which weapon to CCW and what to feed it.


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