Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Too Important To Ignore

Up until now I've kept CZ the day on the topic of firearms.

I'm not going to be breaking any news but rather than consign my thoughts on this story to comments on other blogs I wanted to post them here.

This original story begins at Talisman Gate. It is further explored at Hot Air, complete with video so simple even a liberal can understand it.

This is the story of a CBS reporter using footage that Al Qaeda claims as it's own. There is no mistake. Watch the video and you will see that the footage was shot by the same camera.

The footage did not air on network television. Instead it was orignally relegated to extra content on CBS News' web site. The reporter, Lara Logan, began a campaign to get the footage aired. She was the one who called this story "too important to ignore." She has spoken the truth, but not for the reasons she meant.

It is too important to ignore that a member of the U.S. press would accept any video shot by Al Qaeda as being from a reliable source. It is too important to ignore that she would try to conceal the source for the video. It is too important to ignore that she would include with this footage a masked person claiming that the battle was the fault of the United States.

The United States did not attack New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. That was Al Qaeda. I don't care whether Al Qaeda was in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion. The fact is that they are there now and we can not afford to give up that fight on that battlefield.

CBS needs to decide which side they are going to be on in this fight. Either they are with the United States or they are with Al Qaeda. Having the enemy supply your reportage isn't truth. It isn't fairness. It isn't the way one wins a war.

You won't see 60 Minutes shoving microphones into Lara Logan's face asking her where this footage came from. You won't see Katie Couric doing an expose on how their reporter was acting with deliberate treason. The disgusting thing is you won't see the other networks tearing down CBS for this, either

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