Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fist Fire DVD 2 "How We Do What We Do"

This is the meat of 'how-to' as far as available DVDs from Tactical Shooting Academy.

Middlebrooks is back with a lesson in the history of handgun holds from someone who was there to see it. Why is this important? It's important to disucss the evolution of Fist Fire. Fits has mentioned on his blog about the "reverse Weaver" and this introduction teaches where this is coming from.

Instruction begins with lessons in physics, the strong hand grip, and intruction of the offhand wrist lock. From what I've seen here Middlebrooks has put a LOT more thought into this than other instructors I've read/seen/been taught in person.

The second DVD in this series is much more a "how-to" than the first and as such contains elements that the viewer can practice. Rather than continue this review I think I need to pause and attempt to internalize some of the lessons learned so far on grip and wrist lock as these are a departure from what I do right now.

Good thing I'm going shooting tomorrow.

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