Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Example

Okay, so now I have an example of what I'm shooting like at 50' with the 41.

This was shot using some of the last 2 bricks I have of Winchester T22. As you probably know you can't get this round any more. It was good and it was cheap so naturally it had to be eliminated from production!

I'm sure no one is threatened by this sort of shooting except people who don't like private citizens owning weapons at all.


Fits said...

All that's truly necessary is to learn how to call upon your own concentration fugue. The bang-bang-bang'ers are admittedly impressive when faced with nothing more dangerous than a paper cut from stapling up a target, but learning how to shoot so quickly becomes dangerous when the adrenaline flows and you're even faster and stronger than ever. That's why well-trained cops miss the point and wonder how it is they as a group cannot land more than 20% of their shots. Harnessing the panic-mode and making it work for rather than against you is the trick.

The problem arises when you've already come close to surpassing your fastest time, and wham, in kicks the juice to send you even faster and it all goes to hell.

Training for reality is impossible and a contradiction in terms. Until the individual comes to grips with how his particular nervous system responds to stress, he can never know what to expect when a life and death situation rears its head.

Learning to be calm and accurate is far more important than fast and missing everything but the ground and the sky.

Hyunchback said...

As I mentioned in a post on Mr. Calhoun's site there is a lot of inner peace in looking through one's sights at a target.

I am not a "fast" firing person. I can compress my shots to a degree. I am usually firing with more deliberate shot placement.

I took a class from a local instructor last year. The targets consisted of two steel "bobber" targets on spring steel. They bounced around when hit. That class was the only time I've drawn a pistol with live ammo in it and fired and did so on a timer.

I've faced knives before, unarmed.

One of the instructors I'm working with has a FATS simulator and another holds a few course a year of Air Soft powered Force on Force. I'll be putting a priority on training with these men (both instructors are former LE).


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