Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A new gun club and new ways to send lead flying. I finally got a chance with my FAL. It's been many a year since I fired a centerfire rifle.

The kick is there but so what? It's not hard.

It's kind of fun to be peering through the lens and seeing a mini-geyser of mud and snow erupt behind the target.

Accuracy so far has been mediocore at best. That could be the ammo and the shooter. I'll enjoy finding out more about what this rifle can do at 100 and 200 yards. More later, when I can find a range that has more.

I'd post the targets but after I got done with poking 7.62 holes in them I carried them over to the pistol berm and put some .40 through them. Waste not, want not.


Fits said...


Hyunchback said...

Yes. The remains of the December blizzard phases 1 & 2, the New Years snow, the weekend after New Years snow, and the two to three snows after that one are still on the ground. My target frame was held upright by it.

I had to find the brass I could by digging it out of the snow around the shooting benches.

The deer that own the place are still having a tough time finding food because of it. The tracks on the range were clearly made the night before at the latest.

We've had a few weeks with no new snow and the temps have risen back to daytime highs above freezing so the snow should be gone in time for a March blizzard.

Fits said...


That white stuff that falls from the sky. Whew, hadda think about it for a minute.

Hyunchback said...

Given the choice between white stuff that falls from the sky only 9-12 months a year and cockroachs with their own zip codes I know which way I'll go.

That FAL I don't have is going to have a non-existent action job next time it goes to the range.

And today I didn't buy my first lever action. Marlin 39AS. Fun and practice for a .357 lever action I won't buy.

Fits said...

If'n you get a GOOD lever Marlin you've done well. Some are as snickety buttery as all hells and tame as a pup to shoot.

PS: them aforementioned roaches are inhabitants of domains far to the south of me, but Miami gets all the glory and Florida as a whole gets all the other stuff. I've yet to see even one, and it could be because this area is laden with enough birds to devour any such obtrusive insect. The bugs here are small and need be.


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