Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lever Action

I finally gave in to the urge to try lever action. Failing to find a good deal so far for a centerfire I took a chance on a used Marlin 39.

Yes, just .22 rimfire. It will get me trained in working the lever, though, for when I do obtain a centerfire lever action rifle.

I got to the range today after work and set about testing ammo. The good news is that this rifle doesn't seem to care for high-end Federal, although it was best with Wolf Match Target. I've yet to see anything that doesn't like Wolf MT. Too bad it costs so much.

The runners up were CCI Blazer solids and Aguila subsonic. I didn't have any standard velocity to test. The CCI Blazers are at 13 a brick and one can usually get Aguila for not much more than that.

The Marlin will be a fun rifle to plink with.


Mattexian said...

Sounds good. Tell us, how much did it run you, since it's used?

Hyunchback said...

I gave 400 for it.

Might I get one for less? Possibly.

I watch local posts on forums on the net and if I have an interest in the rifle being offered I meet the asking price, unless I consider it too high.

I don't haggle or try and talk someone down. I wait and either I meet the price, or they drop it and then I meet it or it goes to someone else.


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