Saturday, March 10, 2007

FAL O' Mine

I had the FAL out to the range again today. I'd had it there at least once since my first post about this rifle.

Most of the snow has melted so bullet impacts are mostly just splats into mud.

There was not much wind today. I keep forgetting to bring the wind meter that I picked up with me. I just know it wasn't as hard or as steady as it was the last time I was firing.

The ammo today was some FMJ milsurp I picked up at a gun shop.

I had purchased 6 used mags from someone months ago and they had sat here not being used. Last Sunday I sat and took them apart, cleaning them while watching that silly Lost Tomb thing.

All 6 functioned for me just fine today. I had stuck up an 8" Orange Peel on cardboard 100 yards downrange. It really wasn't too difficult to keep all the rounds in that 8" off the bench with the 3-9x scope cranked up.

I've used up everthing but 100 rounds of Match .308 so I have picked up 1,000 of what was sold to me as Lake City. We'll see how that does next time I'm at the range.

I will want to test the iron sights for shorter ranges, too. See if I can get it set for 50 yards. I can't trust my eyes without magnification past that range.

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Fits said...

That was the bitch of shooting the M-14 at 500 yards to qualify. Throw a cheater on the thing and 600 seemed easy, but iron sights at distances over 400 can be problematic.


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