Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bones About It

The best line yet heard by me regarding Rudolph Giuliani's candidacy for POTUS?

Plenty of people — politicians included — have skeletons in their closets. In the case of presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, that closet is a walk-in.

Skeletons indeed, like the one standing at the right hand of St. Rudi. For those with short memories that's Bernie Kerik. Bernie was passed along by St. Rudi to George the Migration Player to head up the (then) newly formed Dept. of Homeland Security. It took about three minutes for someone to figure out that Kerik had skeletons. Tastefully remodeled, to be sure, but skeletons.

Then there is the former Mrs. Giuliani. Or rather former Mrs. Giulianis, plural. Merry Olde England may remember their kings with fondness but I'm not sure that someone who hasn't Ronald Reagan's charisma, let alone good positions, would have the makings of winning the Oval Office. We don't need "The Six Wives of Rudolph I" as part of our heritage.

Then there is the question of law and order. Before Kerik the Greedy became St. Rudi's right-hand man that job was held by William Bratton. It could be said that he deserves the credit for the modest decreases in crime in NYC. Law and order is about the only issue that Giuliani really has any conservative credit. If he really doesn't own even that what gives him reason to believe he deserves to be President as a Republican. Shouldn't he run in the party he really belongs to?

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