Sunday, March 18, 2007

Glock Like a Man

This morning I got to the range early. This let me get a pistol berm and also allowed me to go pick up a box full of clay "birds" from the trap shoot range. Once sent down range the range personnel don't care enough to pick them up again.

At the berm there were some partial birds already laying on the backstop so I used those for hip shooting.

The G 23 can put a round into the general vicinity of where you are looking when drawn from the holster. I'm talking within 4". I'm still hitting "high" on hip shooting but I expect practice to bring that down. The draw-to-hip-shoot exercises were never left or right of what I was focused upon.

Movement is still a bugaboo. When I switched to firing at an ICE-QT my misses were present, failing to even nick the cartoon thug 8-10 of the rounds I fired. I even managed to miss the cardboard sheet the target was stapled to once. It pegged into my wooden target stand.

If anyone wants to know why you don't want to use FMJ for wet work shoot the bullet into a 2x2. The hole shows almost no deformity except for the splinters on the rear as the bullet flies out. The hole stays a uniform shape.

If it will go through 2" of pine it won't have any problems passing through muscle fat and most organs and exiting the other side ready to penetrate someone else.

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