Sunday, March 25, 2007

I see a little silhouetto of a ram...

Ten of them, actually and I actually managed to hit on them. For me, my experience, my equipment and my talent that's flat out amazing.

I went to the smallbore silhouette shoot at the gun club today. The predominant rifle was an Anschutz sporter. High power scopes were in better vogue than shooting vests.

How did I do? I came in dead last over all. Two matches. 6 out of 40 the first one, 7 out of 40 the second.

You know I can only improve from here.


Fits said...


Hyunchback said...

The farthest distance for smallbore silhouette is 100 meters. That's where the rams are.

In high power silhouette the targets are larger and farther.

It's a fun and challenging sport that can train in accuracy from the offhand position. The downside is that it is still shooting standing still.

Hopefully I'll be able to move on to some 3 gun later on in Texas.

None of the gun games is the same as the two-way range. They are just games. One can always look to use the lessons of a game for application to real life.

And trigger time is trigger time. I'm appreciative of that fleeting moment of zen that occurs when the sights are lining up on target.

Can I make a religion out of this?

"Thou shalt aim at thy target and make it holey."


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