Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gone Glockin'

After firing off the 7.62 I'd brought to the range I moved over to a pistol berm and used the same target to take rounds from my G 23.

Yes. I've turned into a Glockhead.

Today's practice was useful because I didn't have to stand still. I could even draw from the holster with live ammo in the pistol. Those were both forbidden at the indoor range.

I practiced drawing to fire one handed, transition to two handed and moving backwards/to the side of the target.

Light flannel shirts are not the easiest to get out of your way when you are drawing from concealement.

Lessons better learned in practice than in crisis.


Fits said...

I believe the G-23 to be the best self defense pistol on today's market, and yep...

Presenting from the conceal can be a witch particularly in the colder months. I settled on a method of dress, found the proper holster, and practice at least 3 times a week. Drawing from different cover garments can be absolute hell, particularly when it hits the fan, and I'd always recommend staying with the same set-up as is possible. The slightest variation can get one 3-D (definitely Done Dancing) and sure it's a pain but it is what we have to live with in no open carry states, or when open isn't practical.

There also is a LOT to be said for dry-fire, too.

Bugs said...

Found your blog via general search though I'm also a member of blogger as my Desert Storm Unit Veterans come into blogger quite fequently.

Looking for someone who knows anything on the value of CZ-75 bought in 1990 in Europe, not import, no f-pin block (no "B" designator) still says Made in Checkosovakia on it. Thought it might be worth more since that country doesn't exist anymore.. Anyone have any idea?

Bugs said...

obtw... can e-mail me at



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