Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award

I've been tagged by Fits at Shooting The Messenger for the Thinking Blogger Award. This award seems to have begun at Bennings Writing Pad when he got tagged.

I'm flattered that Fits would find my contributions to his and other blogs and my occaisional postings here to be worthy of this honor.

By the rules of this award I need to tag five other blogs that I feel worthy of the award. Since Fits tagged me I think tag-backs are out. Patrick Joubert had tagged Fits and also tagged Mr. Calhoon.

Though I don't patrol his blog as often as I do others the blogger who I can blame for starting me down this path was Xavier, so he's going to top my list.

Xavier Thoughts is the work of a fellow RN. His blog will entertain, amuse and make you think.

Victor Davis Hanson has a site that is more commercial than blog but his frequent postings are always thought provoking.

El Presidente gives me a more local flavor. Though I will be leaving the Peoples Republic of Kalifornirado in the near future I hope that it will one day be Colorado again.

Oscar Poppa is the home of Civis Proliator. A staunch constitutionalist he carries on the good fight from my future home of Texas.

My final nominee is News From the Border. This blog has the joyless task of reporting on the invasion we face.

I hope that by tagging to some of the places that get my neurons firing, or at least my dander up I'll have lead folks to discover some new frequent haunts for themselves.

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