Saturday, March 17, 2007

FAL ammo testing

Out to the range today.

First came re-sighting in one of my 10/22 rifles. A fall had knocked the scope loose.

I did a lot of off-hand shooting but didn't photograph the targets. I'm shooting off-hand from the Marlin 39AS and two modified 10/22s. I don't feel guilty about off-hand shooting at 25 yards so long as I stick to small targets.

I didn't get a chance to shoot my pistol today as the handgun berms were occupied with a 3-gun shoot.

I did get a chance to test out the ammo I recently picked up for the FAL. This is Lake City 7.62x51. I fired the target on the left with that ammo from a bench using front rest and rear. Distance was 100 yards. The target on the right was an equal number of shots from some Australian ammo that the guy next to me had brought. It wasn't serving him well. He had a Sako tactical rifle. The Lake City shot better for him.

The weather was good today, not too windy. Hope to have more fun tomorrow.


Fits said...

How many total rounds did you shoot, and at what point during the session were the targets you posted taken...

After 50 rounds

A hundred...

Yadda yadda...

Hyunchback said...

Both targets were the result of one full magazine of 20 rounds.

This was fired at the end of my shooting day yesterday.

I had fired 250-300 rounds of .22 LR through the other three rifles, mostly off-hand.


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