Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grip A Glock

It was well over a year ago that I first fired a Glock. It was a 2nd gen with a home-stippled grip frame lent by a guy I got a short course from. I had other guns but wanted to see what all the Glockenfuss was about.

I wasn't too impressed by the feel of the gun but when the instructor popped the slide off of his G 35 and I saw how sweet and simple the engineering was I got hooked. I'm a sucker for good engineering.

It wasn't until later that I heard from another guy about how bad his hand got bitten by Glocks when he was doing IPSC competition. Silly me. I'd drawn that G 19 many times, blew 250 rounds of ammo and failed to get slide bite.

Well, hearing about it sort of cursed me. I did get slide bite from Glocks mostly because I was fearing it. I wasn't even drawing the gun from holster so why I should get bitten must have been out of fear of it.

I let my slide bite heal and then went back to the Glocks. Between last weekend and this one I've fired 200+ rounds out of my G 23 doing grabs from the holster, both from a Blackhawk CQC and a Galco Combat Master.

No slide bite.

Draw, fire, holster. Draw, fire, holster. Draw, fire, fire, fire, holster. Over and over and not once did I get bitten. Well, a light nibble when I shifted to my left hand. More because I haven't been working on training that hand to grip as much as I should.

I haven't stippled this G 23's grip. It's 3rd gen and I haven't even ground off the silly finger spacers.

No Glock Finger. No slide bite.

So much for the fears. Now to work on the real issues.

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