Monday, February 18, 2008

Gun Grabbin' Ray Horsing around with an M4

What's wrong with this image?

The thing most wrong with it is that Ray Nagin can play with hardware YOU can't buy.

That's right. Mr. Contempt of Court is able to play with toys YOU can't buy since only cops can have full autos and select fires made/imported after 1986.

You couldn't legally buy that toy he's holding from your gun dealer, however if you were a criminal it probably would only run a couple of thousand dollars, if that much. I don't know for a fact since I don't hang out with criminals but you can bet your bippy that they won't spend money for guns when there is bling to buy.

Now for the real question. Why aren't the New Orleans and Louisiana press crucifying Gun Grabbin' Ray for stealing property from law-abiding citizens? For the man to get close to pointing his finger and saying "bang" the press should be scalding him like a chicken for plucking.

Or maybe the press in Louisiana likes the mayor for stealing property from tax-paying, law-abiding citizens?

Is THAT why they will act like Ray Nagin is some sort of priceless art piece?

Which is worse? The lying scum-sucking bottom feeder living on the government payroll after stealing from honest citizens or the press that won't stand up for the people?

Nagin has that laughing jackass holding the other M4 to go out with that assault poodle shooter and take tax money away from honest citizens. The press seems to think they can TELL people what to think and not suffer for it.

Yet they still wonder why there is a decline in circulation?

Their investors should be asking about that little problem.

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Robocop said...

What's wrong with this picture? First thing is muzzle discipline.


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