Thursday, February 21, 2008


Okay, if you are stalking me then you already know I am packing.

Not boxes. Not at this moment, anyway.

My CHL, referred to in the write up of my class, came through.

I haven't completed even 30 days of carrying on a daily basis and already not being armed feels "wrong".

I have 4 situations when I don't have a gun immediately upon my body. One of them is in the shower.

I wouldn't count on being able to tell when I'm in the shower if you really are stalking me.

Over a year ago I decided what I WOULD carry when I was licensed. I have kept to that decision, choosing to train with the Glock firearm system. I own other firearms but what I have on me is normally a Glock. What I have near me is normally a Glock.

What I carry is normally a Glock.

If you haven't stalked me I won't make it easy to figure out the carry methods. I keep experimenting with them, anyway. What is true last week may be different next week.

I even carry at home. I'm not one to lock up my gun just because I'm in my house. Since I read that most armed citizen encounters occur in the walls of one's own home I have committed to making sure I'm armed there.

Yes, I could have been doing that all along without the plastic. If had read that tidbit before now I probably would have carried at home before now.

I follow the letter and spirit of the laws that I am licensed under. I will, however, continue to lobby to increase the legal recognition of my real rights.


Fits said...

Hey congrats. I carry pretty much 24/7 as well. Since we're coming out of what passes for winter here I'll probably be switching back to the G-23 or G-27 and giving the GP-100 some time off. Easier to hide during those Florida spring and summer heat waves, but I've grown so attached to the revolver it won't be easy.

Texas gun nut said...

Congratulations on (finally) getting your CHL in, from a fellow Texan.
Don't you know that has got to be the longest 60-90 days of your life?
I don't understand how in the heck it can take as long as it does, but it is worth it in the end.

I, like you, carry even around the house, out in the yard mowing, etc. What, praytell, would be the good of owning a firearm and achieving CHL status if you are ill-prepared? If nothing else it is important to be as comfortable with carrying as you can possibly get away with.

Hyunchback said...


I moved her in August. Took the class and applied in November.

Sheesh, cut me some slack. I gotta sleep sometimes! LOL!

I value my Texas CHL. It was harder work than the prereqs to a Colorado CCW.

Yes, it is the longest time of my life but it is worth it. Standing free and armed in public is worth the effort.

Texas gun nut said...

(finally) as in they take to D@mn long to process the silly thing.
I could get a degree in vocational basket weaving from an online college faster than they (DPS) can get the license to me. (not that I would...)

What does it take to get one in Colorado?

I agree that standing armed in public is a great feeling.
Here's to hoping you never need to use it.

Robocop said...

Congrats on finally receiving your license to stay alive!

JR said...

Congratulations (a week late).

V is holding off on sending her package in, trying to time it around her B-Day.


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