Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Aftermath

On the plus side I see that many are waking up. Gun owners are starting to think about where they have been giving their votes. Normally the John McCains of the world could count on gun owner votes and then screw us, hard, when they wanted to "reach across the aisle".

This looks like it could change in a big way. For one thing the Republicans are wallowing in self-pity and backstabbing each other. Doesn't make them very attractive.

Additionally the Republicans are aiming a howitzer at their own feet. Sarah Palin was one of the best things the Republicans have done since REAGAN left office. For gun owners both Bushes were either treating us with neglect or conniving against us. To let whiny cowards go around and tell tales to eager scribblers is a major mistake on the part of the Republicans.

Let's put it out there. She has more going for her than Ron Paul ever will. She has the charisma to kick the teeth out of any one. Look at the Palinmania with the entire MSM trying to club her to death like a baby seal. The Republican party should be bending over and kissing her snow boots and begging her to lead them. Instead they are looking to keep putting up more old white guys who haven't had an original thought, ever. They are going to keep paying money for focus groups and media consultants and ignore the very real reaction of people's guts.

PEOPLE love Sarah Palin. The PRESS loved Barack Obama.

So what does that hold for us? It holds that 2010 could be a continuation of the hemorrhaging of Republican seats. Then some other never was running against Obama in 2012.

By then Obama is going to make Jimmy Carter look good but you aren't going to win against even that piss-poor of a President if you are trying to run John McCain, Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee.

The Republicans can learn from what failed and discard it. They can learn from what worked and run with it. Dump the RINOs. ALL of them, no matter their win/loss record. Get conservative or go broke. Not one of them has the chance that Lieberman took in 2006 by running independent and they won't survive running Democrat.

Run real conservatives and make sure they VOTE conservative on the job.


The American Conservative Party could be taking over in 2012 with THEIR candidate, Sarah Palin.


Robocop said...

We are going to have on hell of a fight to stem gun control efforts. This fight will make the Clinton era seem like the good old days.

Hyunchback said...

Keep your eyes on the Constitution.

This time around the Dems have a game plan.

They won't attack the Second until they have cut the legs out from under the First.

The Dems are pushing the Fairness Doctrine in order to gut talk radio of anything like an effective voice. They will probably work to stifle blogs after that.

They aren't going to put their real push into action on Jan. 20th. They will be looking at silencing communication on the subject THEN take an axe to Liberty.

FIGHT as hard as you will for the 2nd on the subject of the 1st. Don't let the evil trio take away your voice. If they succeed then the bastards will be able to take away your guns and no one will be able to spread the alarm about it.


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