Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Prediction

I hope that I'm wrong but it looks like Obama will take just enough electoral college votes to cinch the election. McCain will phone his concession speech sometime before 6:00 AM on 11/5/08.

Despite the boasts from the left over civil war if their Messiah is not handed the Oval Office in the worst case scenario of affirmative action there will be riots BECAUSE he won in the usual places. Don't expect the ringleaders of such riots to face any jail times over that set of crimes.

I hope that I have to update this post to say that I got it wrong.

We'll see what the update brings.


With all due respect to Fits and Lem and Xavier who never gave up hope I hate to admit to being right.

When you spend as long as I have walking around with the Curse of Cassandra as my personal albatross you get used to seeing the train wreck happening long before the train leaves the station. No matter what you do that wreck is going to happen. And no one will believe you when you tell them about it.

Now recall the rest of the prediction.

Obama is going to be known, long before his four years are up, as the worst President in U.S. history. My HOPE is that starting tomorrow Reid and Pelosi start trying to steal this election away from the empty suit. Their power struggle will help make sure this nation isn't too badly damaged before 2012.

There will be no assassination of Obama. That's just horseshit from all those Kennedy idolaters who dream of what never was and never would be.

IF the RNC will finally wake up and smell the coffee they have a chance at making 2010 look like a repeat of 1992. If they keep on ignoring the conservatives, though, they will continue to be a dying party. If you want to win return to conservatism. Whoever rises to the top of the RNC in the coming days needs to have that fact pounded into his head, tattooed to the inside of his eye lids and have it playing 24/7 in his mp3 player. Pandering to illegals, continue to stab the gun owners in the back and hope your big campaign contributors can buy you an election are all Democrat strategies. They don't work for Republicans. Two elections should be more than enough evidence of this.

To everyone else put your national plans on the back burner and work on the local level. From dog catcher on up to governors and get ready for the 2010 races. Encourage your state government to deny the feds control. Emphasize state's rights.

With luck Obama won't get around to putting too many butts in federal robes before the Gruesome Twosome of Pelosi and Reid find themselves returned to the back bench. That will slow the damage Empty Suit can do.

In the New Age circles there have been those who make something out of the Mayan calendar putting a terminus on our present epoch in 2012. That's about the time that Empty Suit comes to the end of his one and only term.

As yet I don't think the two are more than coincidence. YET.

Just food for thought.


Resident Author said...

Let's see...

A guy who hates America with his finger on the nuclear trigger...

Being told to give up power in 2012...

No, zero chance the world could end in 2012.

Hyunchback said...

Especially if that man is a whiny little Empty Suit who has NEVER had to actually apply himself or work hard.

He's been handed everything in his life. They started pushing money on him for not performing and he's followed that path right to 11/4/08 where he's been handed the keys to the world's most powerful military, ever.

And he never had to work for anything. Yes, he has had to learn to read from teleprompters. Compared to a real job?

When he watches all that being taken away and realizes that he's doomed to the legacy of the worst President in all of U.S. history the guy is likely to get a bit depressed.

Resident Author said...

My only hope is that people look at their paychecks, jobs, the market, and overall situation and wake-up.

But back to your point; when that happens it will get messy.

You can only blame Bush for so long...


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