Saturday, April 07, 2007

Carrying signs saying "Amnesty Now," about 15,000 people danced to Mexican ranchera music and passed large American flags over their heads.
The photograph shows a U.S. flag, but it also shows a Mexican flag.

The issue I have here is that this isn't about immigration. It's about invasion. Now the invaders don't think that the too-generous plan to reward them for breaking the law is generous enough.

Organizers said many illegal immigrants [ALIENS! NOT IMMIGRANTS!] were angry about a White House plan that would grant them work visas but require them to return home and pay thousands of dollars to become legal U.S. residents.

"Charging that much, Bush is going to be even more expensive than the coyotes," said protester Armando Garcia, 50, referring to smugglers who transport people across the Mexican border.

First up, boo-f*ckin'-hoo. They are angry that they are being offered too much and want more? Then show us how angry you are. Go home. Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! What, are you still here?

More whining. Is that a job American's won't do? I thought liberals pretty much gave that away. I don't know why we needed to let an illegal alien come here to do it.

Alfredo Gonzalez, 33, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, marched with his wife and daughters, ages 6 and 8. He said he fears the stepped-up immigration raids occurring across the country.

"If they kick me out, who is going to take care of my daughters? The government? I don't think so," he said. "We need full legalization and need it now."

Um. Alfredo, is it? Or is that what is printed on the phony papers you are carrying this week? Maybe YOU should take care of your daughters. In Mexico. They are you children, right? If we send you back then why shouldn't your illegal brats go?

Ah, yes. That misinterpretation of the 14th Ammendment. Funny how people who can't read the clear words in the 2nd somehow read in entire paragraphs that don't exist in the 14th. Because you managed to enter this country illegally you now claim your kids are citizens by dint of geography.

You know what? I have no problem with that. We'll just toss them into a state run orphanage until they are 18. They won't have any contact with you or your illegal alien wife. Okay? Sound fair? We'll keep the citizen and throw back the illegal. Okay, Alfredo? Your daughters will grow up just fine without anyone teaching them to speak Mexican Spanish. When they ask we'll tell them that mommy and daddy didn't want to take them with them when they went back home. That's the truth, isn't it, Alfredo?

If I take my wife down to Mexico and she has a baby while we are LEGALLY visiting what citizenship is that baby? Just one. U.S. citizen. We take the baby home with us because the baby isn't Mexican. You don't want to see it that way, Alfredo so we'll continue to be generous and accomodate you. Your daughters will be great in that orphanage with all the other babies their parent's didn't want.

Immigrant rights advocates say many of the area's illegal immigrants feel betrayed by President Bush, who they had long considered an ally.

Betrayed, Alfredo? You aren't a citizen, according to the article. How could a man you can't vote for betray you? I can consider him as having betrayed ME because I can vote and he is MY president. YOUR president is down in Mexico City. If you did cast a vote in a U. S. election then you have committed yet another crime. Is that what you are saying, Alfredo? Did you commit additional crimes since you invaded my country?

Bush can't betray people he doesn't work for. You can't (legally) vote. He doesn't work for you. The ONLY way in which you can claim that he betrayed you is if you provided him a vote which you can not legally cast.

Yet more whining. I swear by all that is holy that we have enough Americans willing to whine. We do NOT need to import aliens to do that job!

"Last year, we were fighting for legalization, and this year we are fighting for legalization and against all these raids," said Maria Lopez, 50, an illegal immigrant who works as a seamstress and sends $200 a month home to family members in Mexico.

"We have no way to come up with that much money, and Bush knows that," she said. "He is doing this on purpose so we don't ever become legal residents."

Hey, Maria, have you met Alfredo? You two have so much in common.

Listen, both of you. Everyone else waving Mexican flags, too. You don't like this deal. I don't like this deal. We have found common ground. So let's come up with a common solution to a common problem.

You go home. You build a wall to keep us from "luring" (per Geraldo The Short) you up here. Just put up a great big wall on YOUR side of the border. We want one but we can't get our politicians to put first things first. You can build it cheaper, right? Lower cost labor and all that? Isn't that what you are offering to this nation that you are invading? Lower cost labor? Now we are just wanting you to put that labor to use on your own soil to solve a problem both nations have.

You go home, build the wall and wait for me to call upon you to tear it down. You won't have to worry about a man you can't legally vote for betraying you. You don't have to worry about how much we might fine you for breaking the laws while giving you something you couldn't buy in the first place.


Lemuel Calhoon said...

"Organizers said many illegal immigrants [ALIENS! NOT IMMIGRANTS!]"

I just call them alien criminals. That is, after all, what they are.

Lemuel Calhoon said...

"Last year, we were fighting for legalization, and this year we are fighting for legalization and against all these raids,"

Note how they are already working on a sense of entitlement. Grant them citizenship and they will be a better voting block for the Democrat Party than the blacks.

Hyunchback said...

Yes, they have picked up on that sense of entitlement.

We are talking about people who aren't using any understanding of history, though.

One reason why their own country is a piece of crap is that they allowed themselves to be disarmed. Today in Mexico to possess weapons pretty much indicates you are either a crook or a crooked cop.

So, which side do they support when they come over here? The side that's looking to take away guns from citizens.


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