Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Nifong or not to Nifong, that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the press to suffer the slings and errors of having to post facts or to take up arms and weild a sea of lies.

On 4/17/07 in the Denver airwaves Craig Silverman, a former prosecutor made an assertion without evidence. You'd think a lawyer would know better but since he was a prosecutor I guess that is part of the job description.

Silverman asserted, on the air, that the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban saved lives.

He the further compounded his assertion by stating that criminal gangs are arming with "assault weapons" in "burgeoning numbers."

Since I'm not a lawyer I have to actually work for a living. I listen to this radio show sometimes when the two co-hosts aren't being totally lame. I do have to deal with real life and can't hang around hoping these two self-inflating egos would deign to take my call.

I went home and when I could I used the contact button on the KHOW website to issue a challenge to Craig Silverman. I challenged him to back up his assertion that the AWB saved lives by posting actual crime statistics from the Justice Department or FBI. I also challenged him to post from the same sources evidence that criminal gangs are using assault weapons in large numbers.

I'm just a hard working person with a small blog. Craig Silverman is a lawyer who doubtless already pays for access to Lexis and has law enforcement contacts. He has a radio show and a website for that radio show. He has a staff to put things on that website.

I don't consider such a challenge to be onerous to someone who draws money from being a talking head. If he makes an assertion on the air then he should be able to back it up.

If, as I suspect, that he can't back up his claims then I demanded a full apology be posted on the same venue.

The ball is in Craig Silverman's court. Is he a man of honor or a Nifong?


Fits said...

The AWB probably DID save lives. Gang members were probably forced into using Lorcins for those 10 years.

Hyunchback said...


If so then the FBI should have the numbers.

Big-mouthed lawyers need to learn to put THEIR money where their mouths are. Too often they are putting someone else's money there.

Do I expect this one to put up or shut up? No. He's a Democrat. He's fond of letting his mouth write checks that his facts can't cash.


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