Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More hyporcrisy in the press

Three Yale students arrested for burning U.S. flag

No, John Kerry wasn't one of them. This time.

Three Yale University students, including a Briton and a Greek national, have been charged in a case involving the burning of a U.S. flag outside a Connecticut house, a court official said on Wednesday.
These three miscreants didn't have the descency to buy their own flag to burn. They decided to torch one someone else was flying from their own place.

I'm reminded of how American citizens, righteously perturbed at illegal aliens, vented their anger on a Mexican flag they were called racists. Was there any charge of racism against the Briton or Greek? Nope. Not being called a hate crime.

Don't you know that only white people can commit hate crimes? And if the person is a liberal or from another culture the perpetrator is magically not able to be committing a hate crime even if the only conceivable motive is hatred?

What is the motive for someone to set fire to another person's property when the only thing they know about that person is that they are flying a U.S. flag? Is that not hatred?

Were I to travel to Boston and set fire to a common gay symbol, the rainbow flag hanging from a stranger's house would I be charged with a hate crime? I'd bet money that I would.

Oh, and the U.S. citizen?

Akbar, a senior, was born in Pakistan but is a U.S. citizen,...
The Briton? One "Farhad Anklesaria". I'm sorry, but I don't recall many Anklesarias among the guys William the Bastard brought over from Normandy. Just how British is he?

What I see is two Muslim-appearing names and one Greek who are all enjoying the priveledges of going to a U.S. university that I couldn't afford to go to who decided that they wanted to show how much they hate the U.S.

I'm sure that some people would call me "racist" for thinking ill of these asswipes. How dare I think that jerks who are buying an education in my country should have some respect for it.

Let me ask one more intemperate question. What would happen to me if I were to go to Pakistan and burn their flag? What about in Greece? I'm not talking about arson, as these jerks did. I mean one I bought with my own money and then burned? Chances are lynching would be one of the lighter likely outcomes.

Would the people of Greece or Pakistan be accused of racism for doing it to me?

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