Friday, March 14, 2008

A moment of pride

Tonight I saw a beautiful thing. I saw the qualification target of a co-worker who didn't own a gun, still doesn't but wants to own one soon and has taken and passed her CHL course.

I've turned a non-gunny into a CHLer.

I can not claim a direct hand in teaching her to shoot, that was left to a distinguished member of the TSRA who is truly qualified. My own journey to become one of the "permitted" to carry was the seed that is now bearing fruit.

Think of the politics this will influence. Just one person, but one person on OUR side, not theirs.

Think of the effect on crime. Men who decide that they should move to one of the gun-hater states to do their crimes.

Give a person a fish they can eat for a day. Teach them to operate a gun and they won't have to kneel to any king.

An empty belly is easy to cure. A free citizen is not as easily created but I played a part in making one.

I'm very happy.


Texas gun nut said...

Hell yeah!
Good to hear there is another one in the ranks, all thanks to helpful people like you, Hyunch.

Hyunchback said...

Thank you, TGN.

Your recent post about converting a non-gunny was part of the motivation behind my post.

What is really amazing is hearing my co-worker admit last night that "I don't want to do my job, I want to go look at guns!"

She still did her job but we also talked guns.

She is leaning toward a smaller caliber version of your current choice.


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